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Ed Rendell

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Video and Transcript of Ed Rendell--"The President Can't Sell This (Grand Bargain) Twice To His Base"


CNBC, Squawk Box
With Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin

[Hat Tip to Mr. Alexa for tipping me off to this interview.]

This entire video is rather interesting, if you want to know what the PtB are planning regarding the implementation of Simpson-Bowles.

[The first 2:06 minutes of this video is interesting, in that Ed Rendell's remarks regarding members of the Democratic Party base, are rather insulting, IMO.]

The transcript immediately below, pertains to that portion of this video.

BTW, this is the real face of the Democratic Party. To think that this "big time" neoliberal and fiscal hawk, Ed Rendell, recently served two terms as a Democratic Party governor is truly mind-boggling.

I was also not impressed with Rendell's "snickering" at host Joe Kernen's derisive remarks "about the 47% who voted for raising taxes on the wealthy." No different than Romney's comments, IMO. Read below the fold...

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