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Even a small regional nuclear war would kill at least 2 billion people all around the world, especially children, as food prices skyrocketed and billions became unable to afford food.

I thought I should post this study

Although historically European elites have traditionally used war among themselves as a means of relieving social pressures for real change, and stirring up nationalism, that approach has become too risky with the advent of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Famine: Two Billion People At Risk Read below the fold...

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Oxfam Challenges Negative African Stereotypes

Starving child covered in flies

Starving child covered in flies

It appears a lot of people are as sick to death as I am of the World Vision and Tear Fund TV ads featuring starving, fly-infested African children. Read below the fold...

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Plantidote of the Day 2011-02-08


Acacia baileyana


This particular tree is just one of hundreds of species of acacia. Here in Zone 10, several different types are in bloom right now -- entire trees, ten to twenty or so feet high covered with these bright yellow blooms -- spectacular! The blooms last about 2 weeks, attracting all the local bees. But it turns out there's a far more important use for acacias than eye candy. Read below the fold...

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