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health care reform

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As I See It: "Kabuki Theater" Defines Our Politics

Kabuki Theatre
Kabuki Theater, welovepandas' photostream, Flickr

I admit that I'm "at wits' end." You see, I'm sick of propaganda.

After all, day after day the MSM and Cable TV routinely espouse outrageous misrepresentations (and sometimes even downright lies), yet many of our fellow citizens appear to be absolutely oblivious to this fact. Read more about As I See It: "Kabuki Theater" Defines Our Politics

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I Shared My Thoughts with Organizing For America


Today I was favored with a message from Organizing for America (OFA). They asked me to listen to a video clip from the President explaining the deal he made with the Republicans. The President spent a lot of time explaining the process he's gone through and the constraints he's under, and what it was possible for him to do under the circumstances. He presented himself as being in a politically weak position in which he could only make an unpalatable compromise in order to "get something done" for the American people and those among us who are really hurting economically.

The OFA message asked me to share my thoughts after I listened to the President. So, I did this and also thought I would share them with you. Here they are. Read more about I Shared My Thoughts with Organizing For America

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Loose Talk and Numbskull Notions At the Podesta/Holtz-Eakin Debate: Part Two


This is Part Two of a critical review of The National Journal's Debate on "Our Fiscal Future" between John Podesta and Douglas Holtz-Eakin with Jim Tankersley moderating, at The George Washington University's Jack Morton Auditorium. This part provides more observations and evaluation on some of the propositions offered by Holtz-Eakin and Podesta.

H-E: Eliminating tax cuts for the rich will cost 1.5% to 2% GDP annually. Read more about Loose Talk and Numbskull Notions At the Podesta/Holtz-Eakin Debate: Part Two

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The Happy Dance of Richard Kirsch


Every once in a while, Richard Kirsch, does a "happy dance" article celebrating his own Health Care for America Now campaign for health care reform, whose outcome of course was the wonderful bill legislated by the Congress last Spring. Kirsch, who is now a Senior Fellow at The Roosevelt Institute, posted his latest happy dance at The Nation, whose "liberal media bias" was nowhere in evidence near his article. Read more about The Happy Dance of Richard Kirsch

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The coming disillusion with the Health Care law


Health care overhaul spawns mass confusion for public

"They're saying, 'Where do we get the free Obama care, and how do I sign up for that?' " said Carrie McLean, a licensed agent for The California-based company sells coverage from 185 health insurance carriers in 50 states.

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Our morally bankrupt public discourse

GUEST OPINION:The viability of health care reform

Now that the health care reform bill has been signed, it will face legal challenges in courtrooms.

However, the judges in these cases do not possess the authority needed to render a final verdict on health care reform. The success or failure of health care reform ultimately depends upon whether or not it conforms to economic laws, rather than with the opinions of judges. ...

Get that? The test is how it stacks up to economic laws (whatever they may be) not whether it saves lives or improves public health. Health, it seems, is irrelevant.

Medicare For All Activism Teach-In and Summit, Saturday, April 24, in NYC

Saturday, April 24, 2010
10:00am - 4:00pm
ST. LUKES HOSPITAL AUDITORIUM. Amsterdam Ave.and 113th St., NYC. More here!

Maybe some Correntians can attend and report? Here's a link to the flyer! Read more about Medicare For All Activism Teach-In and Summit, Saturday, April 24, in NYC

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PNHP on the health care bill

PNHP: 23 million people will remain uninsured nine years out under the new health care bill.

25 hours, 350 votes, 4517 signatures

A little online activism for you to do, if you like...

  1. There's about 25 hours left to vote at for PNHP's proposal for Improved Medicare for All and it's in 11th place and needs ~350 votes to move up to 10th. More votes are better, a little while ago it was only ~25 votes out of 10th place. The top 10 most popular ideas will be presented to the Prez. Not that he's likely to listen to us, but go for it anyway.
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Health care debate miscellany

DR. ROBERT STONE and KIMBER BEACHY in South Bend Tribune:

Here in Indiana, Indianapolis-based Anthem/ WellPoint reported fourth quarter profits of $2.7 billion — despite losing 1.4 million customers in 2009. Premiums are up, and the stock price has more than doubled since last March. WellPoint announced premium increases for 2010 in the double digits in 11 states, including a 21 percent increase in Indiana.

WellPoint's profits are soaring as a million fewer people are covered and existing customers are charged more. There's something wrong when a health care system is designed to improve profits by denying necessary and life-saving care.

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Interview with Donna Smith and Dr. Mandy Cohen

This will disappoint single payer advocates, but worth seeing.

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Obama's cunning plan to salvage health care reform

NealB2 at Open Left:

Talk is...
...Obama and Reid will sit this out until after the Democrats take their shellacking in November, then try to compel a coalition of survivors and defeated House Dems to pass the Senate bill during the lame duck session. The argument from RahmObama to exiting House Democrats will be: what else have you got to lose?

You really can't help people that clueless. Read more about Obama's cunning plan to salvage health care reform

HCAN't activist feels betrayed

Nobody likes to hear "I told you so." But:

Openleft, Democracy for America, and HCAN worked together for months to get over 50 Senators on record saying they'd vote for a public option. And we [sic] succeeded.

I think it says a lot to me about how much HCAN's partnership in that campaign really meant to now watch Richard [Kirsch, HCAN't director] throw our [sic] whip count under the bus as if it never mattered.

Oh, that's really smart. "Progressive" access bloggers make fun of Scott Brown's truck


Stop by. I can guarantee you that we won't be droning on about how the President must pass the Republican agenda and invade somewhere immediately because some hairy centerfold with a truck just won a special election in Massachusetts.

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"I hope we shall take warning": Citizens United, Direct Action And HCR

While we were sitting around drinking Kool Aid, writing agitprop and plotting the demise of HCR, fellow unqualified progressive MBW observed that there's a possibility that the Senate bill could run afoul with SCOTUS if challenged by virtue of the Printz decision over a decade ago.  Rightwingers certainly love that idea, some Read more about "I hope we shall take warning": Citizens United, Direct Action And HCR


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