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Texas wildfires

It's dry as a tinder box down here after 2+ years of continuous drought. The 35 mph winds on the west (alas, the dry) side of T.S. Lee were too much yesterday and things spun out of control. Fire fighting and emergency resources are stretched mighty thin at the moment. Several new fires cropped up today to join those from yesterday, mostly uncontained at this point. We have friends and family in Bastrop County (just east of Austin) who escaped a 16-mile long fire physically unharmed, but lost their homes and all their belongings other than what they could shove in their cars. Read more about Texas wildfires

BP oil disaster worsening

Looks like the Macondo well site is still leaking. BP sent a fleet of 40 shrimp boats out to lay boom around the site this week.

(Click through for New Orleans attorney Charles Stuart's entire post.) Read more about BP oil disaster worsening


Isn't tritium good for you?

At present our government is conducting a giant experiment in Vermont and Illinois, which I'm betting will eventually demonstrate, "not".

From The Daily Mail:

"Despite the revelations the NRC and industry bosses consider the leaks a public relations problem, not a public health threat. "

Of course.

h/t: Washington's Blog Read more about Isn't tritium good for you?


Fukushima - It's back and it's bad

Of course it never went anywhere, and the threat continues.

Never mind, we must pay attention to the "Debt Crisis", or Rick Perry, or whatever. Read more about Fukushima - It's back and it's bad


Kleptocracy requires government support

When the mask comes off the face of the financial elites

The Guardian's editors seem to have a pro-police bias, but these pictures of the demos in Athens against the Euro-financial elites and their IMF buddies still inspire me. Not everyone cares to go quietly to the economic slaughterhouse even when the goons pull out the clubs, the gas and the guns. (And not all the dogs are on the goon's side.)

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