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lame duck Congress

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The Pete Peterson Foundation Hosting Forum NOW On C-Span 2 Television [Friday, November 16, 9:00 a.m.] Link Below.


"Fiscal Cliff As A Policy Opportunity" -- PLEASE WATCH.

Pete Peterson calls Bowles and Simpson "heroes and patriots."

Alan Simpson calls Peterson "a Prince."

Bowles says: "Pete Peterson laid the foundation for this, we stand on his shoulders."

Then Bowles states the real reason for eviscerating the social safety net: "We have to have the money for investment (infrastructure, R&D, education) to compete in a knowledge-based world." Read below the fold...

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Past Time To Get Serious


These last couple of days, I happened to see a couple of pieces by Robert Borosage. The first of these called “Kick the Old and Disabled to Show We're Serious About Deficits,” is about organizing and fighting back against the deficit terrorist movement to cut Social Security, and reported that Borosage's organization, the Campaign for America's Future, “has joined with 50 other organizations (and growing) representing 35 million Americans to form a coalition”, called “Strengthen Social Security.” He also refers to a panel on Social Security at Netroots Nation that will be “inviting the bloggers across the country to help fend off the assault on Social Security, and join the debate about priorities over the next years.” Then he ends with this: Read below the fold...

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