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Lanny Breuer

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"Martin, look at my suit." Lanny Breuer Frontline satire

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Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer on Whistleblowers and Prosecuting Bankers for Fraud (Satire)

[Originally published on 2013-03-28. I'm reposting it today because of this part of the transcript:

[BREUER:] If I go after bankers, I'm going to end up like Bill Black, marginalized, an assistant professor at some small university somewhere. That is just not satisfactory given how many asses I have kissed and how many Americans I have screwed out of justice.

Readers, I thought of this when I was trying to think through a wide-ranging conversation I had with some running buddies today. Can you think of any other examples of people tried to do the right thing, tried to make their institutions better or at least not corrupt, and who got crushed, "marginalized, a ____ at some small _____ somewhere"? Maybe who were prematurely correct? Corrente doesn't count! Political and professional figures are fine, but personal stories from any field, whether about you or somebody else, are welcome too. I'm looking for correspondences, for hidden histories. Because we know who writes the histories, right? Thanks to the transcriptionist, and thanks to you! --lambert] Read more about "Martin, look at my suit." Lanny Breuer Frontline satire

The New York Times would rather cover a Breuer chair than cover Lanny Breuer

Literally! And just like the rest of 'em. Which we'll get to. For now, what I want to know is, When is the remarkably unprosecutorial prosecutor Lanny Breuer actually going to start spending more time with his family? Because here he is explaining how Third World-style elite impunity really works in his PBS interview from "The Untouchables":

These sources said that at the weekly indictment approval meetings that there was no case ever mentioned that was even close to indicting Wall Street for financial crimes. [See Professor William R. Black, who successfully prosecuted thousands of bankster executives in the S&L crisis*]

If you look at what we and the U.S. attorney community did, I think you have to take a step back. Over the last couple of years, we have convicted Raj Rajaratnam, one of the largest hedge fund leaders. Now, you’ll say that’s an insider trading case, but it’s clearly going after Wall Street.

But it has nothing to do with the financial crisis, the meltdown, the packaging of bad mortgages that led to the collapse that led to the recession.

[BREUER] First of all, I think that the financial crisis is multifaceted. But even within that, all we can do is look hard at this multifaceted, multipronged problem. And what we’ve had is a multipronged, multifaceted response.

Yeah, multi-pronged. I like that. Jamie and Michael still "doing God's work" on the streets? Yeah? How about Lloyd? Anyhow... Read more about The New York Times would rather cover a Breuer chair than cover Lanny Breuer

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