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Obama’s Continuing ‘Garden Path’ to Fascism


I wonder if Obama’s face will be carved into Mount Rushmore. Has the universe seriously become that cruelly surreal and Orwellian?

I think so.

A few days ago when I saw Obama’s likeness photoshopped onto Mount Rushmore on Al Sharpton’s show it made bitter bile burn my throat and choke me.

I then managed to scream and announce to a brother and nephew that if or when Obama ended up memorialized in such a way that would be the day I moved to another country.

“Where will you move to?” my nephew asked. Read more about Obama’s Continuing ‘Garden Path’ to Fascism

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The Interesting Thing Is...

Upon getting sucked into the latest viral video, that of Kentucky Senatorial candidate Rand Paul being intellectually dismantled by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, something quite scary occurred to me. Despite the fact he seems dumber than a coal bucket, the real interesting thing is this is the guy that actually won.

This realization made me sit back an’ consider the latest political fad… the all too common “I’m not a Republican, I’m a Libertarian.” Somethin’ I know we’ve all heard a time or two since the walking embarrassment that was George W. Bush. But, now that the Tea Party has apparently joined forces with these “Neo-Libertarians”, I reckon we’ll have to give these folks just a bit more consideration. Read more about The Interesting Thing Is...

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