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Marcellus Shale

Left/right, up/down

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which is doing a pretty good job of covering gas-drilling issues around here, prints a story on the firing of a "conservative" radio talk-show host at the apparent behest of the shale drilling interests. Yesterday's drilling story featured a registered Republican who's made a name for himself raising hell about the drilling going on in Washington county. Now this. If the corporatists keep stomping us hard enough, will people wake up to the futility of the "left" versus "right" quarrels fomented by the culture warriors? It's not left versus right, it's up versus down. Read below the fold...


That fracking common ground


I don't know how I missed this one, but thanks to the local single payer leadership I just got a pointer to this NYT article from last December on the President's position on Marcellus Shale drilling in the soon-to-be-no-longer-beautiful Delaware River watershed: surprise, surprise, the administration supports drilling before the completion of a study of the potential effects on drinking water.

And I was also ignorant of this (via the NYT article): the day after the election the President said Read below the fold...

Jobs, jobs, jobs -- for funeral homes and hospitals

From today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, local Democrats stand up to the gas-drilling industry. The city council just passed an ordinance (by a veto-proof majority) banning drilling in the city limits.

No council member offered words of support for the industry Tuesday. Council President Darlene Harris scoffed at the industry's assertions about job creation.

"There's going to be a lot of jobs for funeral homes and hospitals," Mrs. Harris said, referring to health concerns associated with gas production. "That's where the jobs are. Is it worth it?"

Now that's the kind of talk I (used to) expect from a Democrat! Read below the fold...

What a good idea! Flagmen where drilling is close to school bus stops!


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tucks away some peculiar comments from the oil and gas industry in an article ostensibly discussing the brave Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and its recent loss in the courts.

Right off the bat, the reporter tells us that the CEDLF has proposed an ordinance to ban drilling in the city of Pittsburgh (a no-brainer, one might think, but in fact it seems the state constitution doesn't permit such bans). Then there's a long exposition on their recent defeat in a lawsuit on behalf of the little town of Blaine ("We're right in the middle of the Marcellus gas thing," said Mr. Westfall. "You can't go out on the road anymore without getting run over by a big truck.") Read below the fold...

Life in the Gas Lane: Big Brother Edition

What do PTA moms and dads, artists, farmers, teachers, hunters, blue-collar and white-collar workers, landowners, students, and retirees around Pennsylvania have in common? If they're members of an anti-drilling group or attended an anti-drilling meeting, their activities were being "monitored."

From the Centre Daily: via The Maddow Blog:
Read below the fold...

Life in the Gas Lane: Living with Drilling, Part IV

Sorry about the long delay in posting this. Recently, things have not been going well, and I wasn't able to focus on writing. Remind me to thank Congress for not extending unemployment benefits. My 23-year-old son really appreciates that, as do I, since it was about one-half our household income. Read below the fold...

Life in the Gas Lane: Living with Drilling, Part III

Sorry for the delay in posting. This should have appeared on Tuesday, but I've been a little busy with a research paper due next week.

Read the previous posts: Part I, Part II-a, Part II-b, and Part II-c.

- - - Read below the fold...

Life in the Gas Lane: Living with Drilling, Part II-c

Life in the Gas Lane: Living with Drilling, Part II-b

To read the previous posts: Part I and Part II-a.

Can you light your tap water? Read below the fold...

Life in the Gas Lane: Living with Drilling, Part II-a

Due to sheer, ridiculous length, I've broken the environmental effects into smaller sections. This one deals with traffic and the resultant problems. As I said before, although I'm covering them separately, these impacts are not segregated, but ripple into and magnify others.

Dust and Exhaust Read below the fold...

Life in the Gas Lane: Living with Drilling, Part I

(This is an expansion of my overly-long comment on gob's post, so I'm going to split it into sections in order to add a bit more detail and make it a little easier to absorb.) Read below the fold...

Setting up Appalachia for our own Deepwater Horizon


According to this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there's enough natural gas in the Marcellus Shale underneath "three-fourths of Pennsylvania and parts of New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia ... to supply U.S. demand for 10 to 15 years."

Given that sad fact, who could believe we won't drill for it, and burn it, and pay all the consequences of doing that? Given the current intellectual fog created by the deficit terrorists, is it inevitable that people in general will shrug at the sacrifice of their neighbors' well-being to the extraction of "wealth" from a mile under our land? Will they notice that the risks go to those who have little and most of the benefits go to those who are already rich, or will they merely rejoice at the short-term opportunities? Read below the fold...

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