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Margaret Flowers

Dr. Margaret Flowers Helps Clear the ‘Fog of Greed’


In a 1/24/13 article in Aljazeera entitled “Top CEOs plan to loot US social programmes”, Dr. Margaret Flowers powerfully calls out the motives of a mendacious “Fix the Debt” campaign launched by 80 CEOs who are determined to cut their corporate taxes even further by decimating social programs beneficial to us, the lower whopping 99% of the American citizenry.

Flowers writes: Read below the fold...

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Margaret Flowers rejects Democratic support

OWS Protesters Reject Support From Progressive Caucus (Actually Stop the Machine protestors, but what do you expect?) Read below the fold...

Medicare for all (HR 676) rises again

Here's the announcement, but I don't, unfortunately, see it at Conyers's own website. This time we're starting out with 25 cosponsors, including Pittsburgh's own Mike Doyle. The game's not over.

Vermont and California are making notable state-level efforts, too. However, Margaret Flowers says the Vermont proposal is not true single payer, as it would leave out those currently on Medicare or Medicaid. Read below the fold...

A crack in the Senate's wall of silence on single payer

My local single-payer activist sends some happy news: Dr. Margaret Flowers of PNHP has been invited by Sen. Kennedy's office to testify at the Senate Hearing on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) on Thursday, June 11 at 3:00.

So, as she says, we can update the latest Healthcare-NOW! action alert: contact Sen. Kennedy's office (Phone: 202-224-4543 - Fax: 202-224-2417) and let them know we are glad to hear Dr. Margaret Flowers has been invited to testify on behalf of national single-payer healthcare reform and that we expect single-payer advocates to continue to have a seat at the table in meetings and senate hearings on health care reform. Read below the fold...

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