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Navy Seals

Obama's Heroic 'Jay-Sock' Forces OR the US's Murderous SS?

RE-POST from 5/11/11

[Hugh's Obama's Scandals List]

What is JSOC? Joint Special Operations Command.

I got that it was some kind of secret U.S. SWAT-team-like paramilitary program, ever growing and being unleashed onto scores of nations. I can't begin to imagine the breathtaking “black budget” it must suck up both crippling the welfare of the US citizenry and enabling it to wreak horror among non-US populations.

JSOC. Frontline addressed JSOC somewhat tonight about capture/kill operations in Afghanistan but not critically enough by a long shot. (Is it me or is Frontline getting more and more “careful” in its explorations?) I decided to do some fast googling. Read more about Obama's Heroic 'Jay-Sock' Forces OR the US's Murderous SS?

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