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New Year


And for the hippies: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-- Read more about Champagne....

Out with the old year, in with the new!


[Open New Year's Eve thread. And if you go out drinkin, have a diesignated driver or take a cab home! --lambert]

I have to go wrestle with RSS and add (I hope) some keen new functionality but it is not merely my obligation but my pleasure to sticky a New Year's post.... A wish I shared with a friend was for less chairoscuro, meaning a bit less contrast between bright light and dark shadow:

For example, I spent a month in Bangkok while continuing to blog heavily, which is very bright; but the continuing stress of the economy just doesn't seem to let up, and the Fecal Cliff nonsense makes the angst all the worse, which is dark and darker. Read more about Out with the old year, in with the new!

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