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Election blues.. 2016 will be here before we know it-Democrats and Republicans can protest by mourning

Since we can't protest without being mislabeled in the current environment, lets protest by inaction. We can vote, each in our own way, but lets refuse to participate in any staged rallies or cheering for the distasteful candidates which no doubt will be fielded. And stop buying, except food. Boycott unneceessary purchasing Read more about Election blues.. 2016 will be here before we know it-Democrats and Republicans can protest by mourning

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NV as provocation to powers that be

Theme of this week's post? Jumping off from "Maybe is bc am 41 or bc am drawn to Kingian NV - NV is VERY threatening to Powers That Be. Wish knew how to communicate this."

And perhaps contrast with affinis' earlier link to:

What do you think? Read more about NV as provocation to powers that be

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Concerning violence advocates and nailing jello to walls

This was published with considerable feedback from several bloggers: DCblogger, affinis, lambert and okanogen. My sincere thanks to all of them for their help. Note: this post was updated shortly after publication.

When writing about violence at Occupy there seems to be a great deal of controversy over what the word itself means, so I'll lead this post with what I hope is an unobjectionable definition. Since it comes from Google (via) it may well be the most-read definition of violence in the English speaking world: Read more about Concerning violence advocates and nailing jello to walls

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Diversity of tactics - and uniformity of outcomes

Economics is a closed system; internally it is perfectly logical, operating according to a consistent set of principles. Unfortunately, the same could be said of psychosis. What's more, once having entered the closed system of the economist, you, like the psychotic, may have a hard time getting out.

- Judy Jones and William Wilson

The Occupy movement has largely been relegated to the margins of mainstream coverage lately - big outlets may mention something in a news capsule but generally have ignored it beyond that. It is still very much alive though, and one aspect of it has become the subject of intense debate recently: The use of violence, or what proponents call diversity of tactics. Read more about Diversity of tactics - and uniformity of outcomes

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Confronting Violent Suppression

Things are getting even uglier in Syria. Bashar is brooking no challenge to his reign, and what started as nonviolent protests have broken down into a very bloody and deadly tumult.

It's giving me cause to ponder what might happen to protests of a similar scale with similar demands in the United States. In talking about Occupy's eventual fate, the specter of heavy military reaction has been raised before, but what I have never seen, or perhaps what has eluded me, is a frank discussion of how to proceed in the aftermath of a violent response to large nonviolent demonstrations. Read more about Confronting Violent Suppression

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If Cairo Came to Kabul


Before Tahrir Square happened almost nobody predicted that President Hosni Mubarak would be forced out of office by a movement that didn't pick up a gun. Had President Barack Obama expected that outcome, he might have publicly backed Mubarak's departure before, rather than after, Mubarak stepped down.

Obama can be seen as overcompensating for that performance in Libya, but there he is placing faith in weapons. Anybody can do that. Egypt still has a long way to go on its path to a just society. But the question of whether Tunisian-Egyptian movements will find success elsewhere is the question of whether people can take the far more challenging step of placing trust in nonviolence. Read more about If Cairo Came to Kabul

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UK Uncut Inspires US protest group

US Uncut is a newly formed organization, modeled after UK Uncut, to use non-violent demonstrations to get corporate tax dodgers to pay their fair share.

There are protests directed at various corporations planned in the coming days all over the country. Check the website's map for one near you or follow the instructions to plan your own. Read more about UK Uncut Inspires US protest group

Gene Sharp links


Here are the results of the shallowest possbile online research on Gene Sharp:

Amazon's page of Sharp titles, including Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice And 21st Century Potential, From dictatorship to democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation, The politics of nonviolent action, Gandhi As a Political Strategist: With Essays on Ethics and Politics, and five more.

Wikipedia's Gene Sharp page: Read more about Gene Sharp links

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Communicating with Power: Some Thoughts on Nonviolent Disobedience

I have been reading and observing a lot of hate for the last week, and that is utterly necessary to my work. But I need a break, and this topic is something of a tonic for me. So I want to go back to a conversation on nonviolence Lambert and I had earlier this week, and see if I can offer some clarity. This will be a very long post. Read more about Communicating with Power: Some Thoughts on Nonviolent Disobedience

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violence or non-violence -- Gandhi on israel, Zionists, Holocaust, etc -- some history --


Gandhi, his Grandson, Israel, and the Jews --

... what did Mahatma Gandhi actually think of the idea of Israel, and of the fate of the Jews of his time?

As it turns out, M.K. Gandhi engaged in sustained conversation with Jewish intellectuals of his day—many of whom were dismayed by the great man's insistence, for example, that Jews in Germany should have willingly "offered themselves to the butcher's knife."

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