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Peter Orszag

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Will We Ever Get Change if We Keep Electing People Who Represent Special Interests?

We can see the positioning and the messaging on the Democratic side beginning to take shape for the 2016 elections. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren with nods to Thomas Piketty and various economists have stepped forward to offer the themes of salvation for the middle class, moderating the extremes of inequality in American society, and doing something real about jobs and wages.

Clinton World seems to be responding, not yet with forthright statements from Hillary Clinton, but recently with articles by stalwarts of neoliberal Clintonism (and veterans of the Obama Administration) such as Larry Summers and Peter Orszag, expressing concerns about inequality and proposing measures to alleviate it, even including increased taxation on the wealthy. Read more about Will We Ever Get Change if We Keep Electing People Who Represent Special Interests?

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Peter Orszag says ". . . the best thing to do is (cut/reform) Social Security." November 7, Bloomberg Video [06:23]


Enact Fiscal Austerity With A Delay, Orszag Says

Here's my own "partial" transcript of Orszag's words:

"To get a significant debt limit increase, I think there's going to have to be some entitlement reform, as part of that.

If I were in the Administration, I think the single best thing to do (cut/reform) at this point, is Social Security.

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Orszag embarrasses himself and a side note

What Did Orszag Discuss with Blue Cross/Blue Shield?

Last week, the Associated Press reported that White House officials – including Orszag – met early and often with a long list of health care industry lobbyists as the White House was developing its health care overhaul earlier this year. ...

...“I’m not aware of meeting requests from your group or from other (single payer groups),” Orszag said.

That is a brazen lie.

Not single payer, but go vote for Susie.
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Attention Peter Orszag

Attention Peter Orszag, if you were serious about fiscal responsibility, if that were your real concern, you would be pushing for a single payer health care system, which would save our country $350 BILLION a year.

If you say that is not politically realistic, that says you are not willing to put fiscal responsibility first, to say nothing of the well being of the American people. Read more about Attention Peter Orszag

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