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Dr. Margaret Flowers Helps Clear the ‘Fog of Greed’


In a 1/24/13 article in Aljazeera entitled “Top CEOs plan to loot US social programmes”, Dr. Margaret Flowers powerfully calls out the motives of a mendacious “Fix the Debt” campaign launched by 80 CEOs who are determined to cut their corporate taxes even further by decimating social programs beneficial to us, the lower whopping 99% of the American citizenry.

Flowers writes: Read below the fold...

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An Oscar Alternative, Because Hollywood's Billions in Profit$ Aren't Going Into Workers' Pockets


No doubt you'll be shocked to learn that Hollywood's recent enormous profits aren't translating into more jobs for chronically un- and under-employed tradespeople.

Hollywood is one of the last hold-outs in terms of strong unions, something the thoughtful and kindly gentlemen who run the studios would trade their children to eliminate. So, in keeping with the Wisconsin, etc.-inspired Solidarity movement, here's Home, a remarkable, 90-minute film you can watch online (sorry, but there doesn't seem to be a way to embed the video). Read below the fold...

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