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Will Obama's Irreversible Secret Fracking Deal raise US prices for NATURAL GAS too much? Can families afford to heat less energy efficient rented and owned homes if US LNG prices rise to global norms? How much rental housing could be lost?

Trade deals are pushing to permanently, irreversibly eliminate longstanding US restrictions on natural gas exporting which could mean heating, cooking gas, hot water, etc. costs (all natural gas related costs) in the USA could easily go up a great deal. The US energy industry is clearly very excited about the United States becoming a major natural gas supplier to the world.

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Ukraine Crisis Christmas for Corporate-Pimped Canadian Pols


Matthew Behrens calls out -- big time -- Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, along with John Baird, Harper’s “foreign affairs pitbull” in “Ukraine and Canada’s Coup-Supporting Corporate Cowboy Diplomacy”.

Behrens writes of a “messianic” foreign policy of the present Canadian government, “making the world safe for Canadian corporate profits.” Read below the fold...

Dr. Margaret Flowers Helps Clear the ‘Fog of Greed’


In a 1/24/13 article in Aljazeera entitled “Top CEOs plan to loot US social programmes”, Dr. Margaret Flowers powerfully calls out the motives of a mendacious “Fix the Debt” campaign launched by 80 CEOs who are determined to cut their corporate taxes even further by decimating social programs beneficial to us, the lower whopping 99% of the American citizenry.

Flowers writes: Read below the fold...

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An Oscar Alternative, Because Hollywood's Billions in Profit$ Aren't Going Into Workers' Pockets


No doubt you'll be shocked to learn that Hollywood's recent enormous profits aren't translating into more jobs for chronically un- and under-employed tradespeople.

Hollywood is one of the last hold-outs in terms of strong unions, something the thoughtful and kindly gentlemen who run the studios would trade their children to eliminate. So, in keeping with the Wisconsin, etc.-inspired Solidarity movement, here's Home, a remarkable, 90-minute film you can watch online (sorry, but there doesn't seem to be a way to embed the video). Read below the fold...

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