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Submitted For Your Review...


A possible term for the Corrente glossary:

"Ovarian penalty."

Meaning: A penalty exacted by the patriarchy, or its enablers, on women merely for being women.

Usage example: "I refuse to support any health-related program activities unless the Ovarian penalties are removed."

Coiner: MadamaB in letter to Kirsten Gillibrand 2/22/10

Clever? Obscure? Time-wasting?

You decide! Read more about Submitted For Your Review...

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"the separation of church and song" and/or unintended consequences?


The inescapable and ubiquitous Christmas songs, specials, etc -- and how us Jews helped create and embed them, have fought against them, and how some deal with it now -- fa-who dor-ay, fa-who dor-ay, ...

The white Christmases that Irving Berlin dreamed of weren't the earliest ones he used to know. ... watching his neighbors burn his family's house to the ground in a good old-fashioned, Jew-hating pogrom.
So it's no surprise that when Berlin got around to writing his great Christmas song in 1941, nearly half a century after his family had fled the shtetl of Mohilev for New York's Lower East Side, it was flatly devoid of Christian imagery. It is, for all that, a religious song. ...

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