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Disadvantaged Youth as Military Cannon Fodder


Lesley Docksey’s article “‘Fit for Purpose’ Cannon Fodder” in Dissident Voice is chilling and moving.

Its British context is easily relatable for Americans of conscience concerned about the recruitment and exploitation of our young people, particularly our most vulnerable, economically disadvantaged young people, to risk their lives for highly questionable and dangerous military operations -- as front line “cannon fodder.” Read below the fold...

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"I couldn't stop crying" - Ethan McCord relives Collateral Murder video

Running with child

I've long been an admirer of Ethan McCord, the Army soldier who rescued the two children in the Collateral Murder video. Read below the fold...

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Petidote of the Day 2012-08-31

Dogs are helping veterans with PTSD heal more effectively than medication.

Veterans, of course, aren't the only people suffering from PTSD. Anyone who has experienced an event that was traumatic for that person -- very much a subjective definition -- can end up with PTSD, and it can be challenging to treat. Read below the fold...

Obama's New World 'Killing Fields' Order

RE-POST from 5-25-10

If you think the new world order Obama alluded to in his 5-22-10 9th-crop-of-cadets-as-MidEast-cannon fodder-for-the-new-world-order-(hegemony)-killing-fields speech at West Point this past Saturday has any remote benefits for those of us not in the top 1% of global income holders, there is an oil well in the Gulf I’d like to sell you. Read below the fold...

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