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Sam Seder

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Trump means it

I just despair listening to Sam Seder and reading Matt Taibbi's Twitter feed. Neither one can bring themselves to admit the obvious, Trump is in it to win it. He should be taken at his word. Trump wants to be president. If he wins he will follow through on his promise to create a data base of Muslims, close their mosques, and force them to wear insignia. He will also round up all the Hispanics and deport them. He will also ramp up the wars in the Middle East and South Asia. Read more about Trump means it

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Beyond whether Obama wins or loses

Cross-posted from Real Economics.

A week ago, Matt Stoller provoked a lot of discussion with his The Progressive Case Against Obama, a masterful accounting of this administration’s dismal policy record “on the grounds of economic and social equity.” Income and wealth inequalities, Stoller points out, have not just continued under Obama, but have actually become some fifty percent worse than during the Bush regime. Read more about Beyond whether Obama wins or loses

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