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The Myth That Big Government Is Big

In 1966, the budget for the federal government was 134.5 billion dollars ($656.1 billion in chained 2005 dollars). In 2011 (the most recent year where annual information is available), the federal budget was $3.603 trillion ($3.1786 in chained in 2005 dollars) or 4.8 times what it was in 1966 in real terms.

Similarly, GDP in 1966 was $787.1 billion ($3.8421 trillion in chained 2005 dollars) and $15.0757 trillion in 2011 ($13.2991 trillion in chained 2005 dollars) or some 3.5 times the 1966 GDP in real terms. Read below the fold...

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Three Green candidates that could seriously shake the boat in their states

Just a note before I begin. These are just the candidates that I know of from my work in the Green Party and what I can glean online. There are plenty of other strong Green candidates for state offices all over the country. Not to mention, there are tons of strong local Green candidates. You can find Green candidates near you at Read below the fold...

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