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Obama’s BFF Larry Summers is Also Wall Street’s


I read this past week that a poll revealed that 4 out of 5 Americans are economically insecure.

I also read that Obama is seriously thinking of bringing back one of the US-economy wrecking balls, Larry Summers, to replace Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman in January.

Of course Obama is.

William Greider in "No More Second Chances for Larry Summers" confessed that when he heard rumors of Obama’s intention to nominate Summers he dismissed it all as a sick joke. He writes: Read more about Obama’s BFF Larry Summers is Also Wall Street’s

Resurrecting Brooksley Born Saga (Cuz Econ. Abuse Continues)


Kevin Zeese addresses the unfriendly to ordinary citizens end-of-2012 "fiscal deal" from Obama and Congress and the further challenges to come.

"... Congress passed a watered down fiscal cliff package that will raise taxes on everyone, but the worst is yet to come, and this “deficit cutting” measure contains some surprises.


"... Obama has been laying the ground work to cut social insurances since 2010.

Brooksley Born's LONE Futile Fight w/Greenspan Fraudsters


Re-POST from 4-8-10

Citigroup's Rubin's and Prince's "Duh" testimony in Congress about the financial crisis! So, sorry, America. We had no idea. Is that as good as the accountability gets?

Time to resurrect the story of Brooksley Born this week and try to sustain in our memory how clearly it indicts these masters of the universe who have gang-raped Americans of their financial security. The truth of Born's story won't be highlighted with any help from a corporate-loving media, unfortunately, or a Congress that colluded with the financial clique headed by Greenspan that "killed" messenger Born's message OVER A DECADE AGO. Read more about Brooksley Born's LONE Futile Fight w/Greenspan Fraudsters

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