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Resurrecting Brooksley Born Saga (Cuz Econ. Abuse Continues)


Kevin Zeese addresses the unfriendly to ordinary citizens end-of-2012 "fiscal deal" from Obama and Congress and the further challenges to come.

"... Congress passed a watered down fiscal cliff package that will raise taxes on everyone, but the worst is yet to come, and this “deficit cutting” measure contains some surprises.


"... Obama has been laying the ground work to cut social insurances since 2010.

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American Complacency & the Slippery Slope to WWIII


Margaret Kimberley:

The result is that in this democratic nation, presidents behave like dictators, doing whatever they like, and an uninformed citizenry is in no position to stop them. If our newspapers are nothing more than propaganda sheets, there is little reason to pay attention to them beyond predicting when they will allow a president to begin carrying out bad deeds.

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Brooksley Born's LONE Futile Fight w/Greenspan Fraudsters


Re-POST from 4-8-10

Citigroup's Rubin's and Prince's "Duh" testimony in Congress about the financial crisis! So, sorry, America. We had no idea. Is that as good as the accountability gets?

Time to resurrect the story of Brooksley Born this week and try to sustain in our memory how clearly it indicts these masters of the universe who have gang-raped Americans of their financial security. The truth of Born's story won't be highlighted with any help from a corporate-loving media, unfortunately, or a Congress that colluded with the financial clique headed by Greenspan that "killed" messenger Born's message OVER A DECADE AGO. Read below the fold...

U.S. Taxpayers Get 4-Cent “Screw” From Boeing for $71 (177,000% Mark-up) & Other Financial Obscene Shenanigans


Oligarchs, Congress and Obama are shamelessly insisting that good ol’ trickle down economics will bring us recovery. Different year. Same BS.

Two years and waiting waiting waiting out this round of the BS.

Nearly 1 out of 4 Americans are now unemployed but our Washington faux-reps -- really cronies to the fat cats (fat cats, who are, by the way, doing FABULOUSLY) -- want to stay the Reaganomics course. It hasn’t ever worked, won’t now and will never work. Have they never heard of the definition of insanity? Do they think WE have never heard that definition? Read below the fold...

Shameless Obama Savages Poor & Working Classes With A Reagan Budget -- More Nightmarish Consistency c/o Inside Man for Oligarchs


[Welcome, Roseanne World readers! --lambert]

I want to share the optimism lifting so many for the Egyptians and of the Egyptians, but I keep picturing the euphoria of millions of Americans after the Obama election and I want to warn the Egyptians to stay vigilant and wary of charismatic, say-anything inside men for the oligarchs. Can the Egyptians possibly begin to institute the kind of democracy we Americans seem to have lost?

Obama has hit a new low with the present budget. I keep thinking I am beyond astonishment at him, but alas, he keeps on delivering the hits, farther and farther below the belt. Read below the fold...

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