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Retweet the USPS

(Now if they would please offer constitutionally protected e-mail service?) Read below the fold...

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Common Household Remedies Request


I can't get to my Yahoo e-mail account because I have to hit a Switch Now button that says I have read and agree to... a block of very fine, very faint gray print. Thing is, I don't agree. I just don't. Read below the fold...

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How are we going to stop this?


Study to examine USPS partial-privatization

the Post Office is in the constitution, so they cannot totally abolish it, but clearly they mean to degrade it. Read below the fold...

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Why the Post Office is in trouble

Great post by the Agonist. It is all there, the Congressionaly imposed pension problem, the bulk mail problem, it is all there. Read below the fold...

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National Rally To Save America's Postal Service

The U.S. Postmaster General is calling for a draconian restructuring plan that would result in the elimination of more than 100,000 postal workers' jobs and the shutdown of over 3,000 local post offices. The plan also guts the collective bargaining rights of postal employees by redefining their retirement and health care benefit packages. Read below the fold...

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