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Obama's New World 'Killing Fields' Order

RE-POST from 5-25-10

If you think the new world order Obama alluded to in his 5-22-10 9th-crop-of-cadets-as-MidEast-cannon fodder-for-the-new-world-order-(hegemony)-killing-fields speech at West Point this past Saturday has any remote benefits for those of us not in the top 1% of global income holders, there is an oil well in the Gulf I’d like to sell you. Read below the fold...

Would You Give 2 Hrs This Fri./Sat. To Stop a US/Iran War?

Saturday, February 4th, has been declared a global day of mass action to stop a U.S. War with Iran. I intend to go to Times Square (Duffy Square-47th St. & 7th Ave.) @1pm for the rally. There are scores of US cities participating (see list below) and cities/communities in England, Ireland, Bangladesh, India, Canada, etc., on this upcoming Friday or Saturday.

Here is an opportunity to hit the streets and communicate OUR citizen-truth and citizen-will to POWER. The power brokers to whom the welfare of humanity, our own and that of our foreign fellow human beings, is tragically no longer a priority. Read below the fold...

After 10 Yrs of Gitmo Injustice, US Detainees Arriving When?

First a bit of positive news from Andy Worthington, Brit investigative journalist and champion of due process for the Gitmo detainees and author of The Guantanamo Files. (Worthington was a featured speaker in a World Can’t Wait forum on Sunday in NYC.) If former President George W. Bush travels outside the borders of the United States to a foreign country, upon his arrival there is a good chance he immediately will be arrested for war crimes, particularly the perpetration of TORTURE! This is why George Bush canceled a recent trip to Switzerland. Read below the fold...

Traumatized Troop Seeks Help, NCO Tells Him: “Get the sand out of your vagina!”

It’s been a week since I heard Ethan McCord, Iraq soldier whistleblower, speak at a World Can’t Wait event on the lower west side of Manhattan. I want to process my strong thoughts and feelings in a blog before further time goes by.

I had seen a screening of Wikileaks’ “Collateral Murder” before, but this time it was narrated by one of the soldiers who had been there in Baghdad on the ground in 2003. Who knew the players and who had been the one American Samaritan who had rushed to save two child victims immediately after. Read below the fold...

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