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Chris Bowers gets shrill

Re: Don Young's remark--that wet fart from the Republic Party's sorry, chickenhawk ass--that Democrats who oppose the war should be "arrested and hanged", what Chris said. The money quote's in bold, but the buildup is pretty good too:

The main problem here is not just the media, however. In this circumstance, the main problem comes from Democrats who refuse to take the opportunity to pounce on these regularly insane statements from Republicans. There isn't a single Democrat in Congress who is bothering to speak up in outrage over Don Young's comments. With the exception of the Center for American Progress, I don't know any progressive advocacy organizations that are speaking up either. Basically, the entire Democratic establishment is just giving young a free pass on this. There are far more establishment Democrats who continue to attack bloggers over the Edwards flap than there are who are doing anything to attack Young. This is extremely frustrating, because in the end there is simply no way that the blogosphere can push this story into the media all by ourselves. The right-wing blogosphere can't push anything into national news without assistance from other conservative organizations, media and elected officials. The difference is that the right-wing blogosphere frequently gets that support from their establishment, while we get absolutely none from our establishment.

The refusal of Democrats to jump on this story also speaks volumes on how utterly self-defeating the Democratic mentality has become in Washington. Basically, establishment Democrats have developed a chronic case of Sistah Souljah-it is, where they are far more eager and willing to denounce members of their own party than they are to denounce Republicans. Quite a few Democrats took, and continue to take, great pains to make it known that they disapproved of Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan being hired by the Edwards campaign. However, none of the same people are making it known that they found Young comments offensive, and that they would like to see the Washington Times journalist who propagated the false quote be fired. This is because, ever since Clinton denounced Sistah Souljah, many Demcorats have convinced themselves that distancing themselves from their own party is the surest path to political and media fame as a Democrat. It is in this way that virtually every single media scandal about someone saying something outrageous, offensive or vulgar focuses on Democrats and progressives. This is one of the reasons why we are the ones always apologizing, where Republicans and conservatives are the ones always on the attack.

For a party whose main image problem is that we don't seem "tough," it is pathetic and self-fulfilling that the only people are "leaders" are willing to be tough on are ourselves. For crying out loud, take advantage of these moments when they come to you. Have some respect for yourselves. Don't let Republicans demand you apologize for year-old comments made by random junior staffers while their elected officials call for your murder on the floor of the House. Why would anyone respect a party that acts like that?

Bingo. I called Young's office this morning:

They seemed to think that because Young was putatively quoting Lincoln, that his words weren't meant to be taken "literally." Yes, they knew the quote was fake. No, no apology will be forthcoming.

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this ties in perfectly with the best goddamn motherfuckin' diary ever written at dKos, from One Pissed Off Liberal.

A century's worth of proof, proof, proof goddamit, that we were and are right about every damn issue that's been debated in that time. And brilliantly illustrated with accompanying quotes from just about every one of my beloved heroes, yeah lots o' DFH's quoted here.

It's even got an Overton Window for ya Lambert.

It's called, indeed, "Remember Where You Heard It First." And it's at the top of the Recce'd column as I speak. Go read, y'all.

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left at kos. is there a reason why the only radical of color in that diary is malcom x?

people of color, especially african american, latino/as and First Nations folks, have been at the vanguard of almost every issue that diary brags about. people of color feel the drug war the hardest, we talked about CIA involvement in it before everyone else, the stolen elections, the impact of anti-labor practices upon the middle class...blah, blah, blah.

i guess it's just too radical to remember the significant contribution of those with the courage to speak on those issues before the white folks, even the "radical" ones, did.