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Chris Bowers is the stupidest career "progressive" on the face of the earth

HisMastersVoiceSign Pure tribalism:

As seen in the above video and already blogged by Joan McCarter, several members of the audience at last night's tea party debate cheered at the idea of society letting people without health insurance just die. ... According to NBC News, Texas Governor Rick Perry was "taken aback" by this .... It's unclear why Rick Perry was "taken aback."

Death is a good applause line at Republican debates these days.

Well. To anybody who pays attention, the policy of letting people die can't possibly be a problem for Bowers. PNHP:

Lack of health insurance is known to have deadly consequences. A 2009 study in the American Journal of Public Health showed that 45,000 deaths annually can be linked to lack of coverage. Along the same lines, studies have shown that uninsured people with chronic illnesses like heart disease often delay or forgo care, often leading to serious complications of their medical condition and, in some cases, premature death.

"Tragically, we know that the new figures of uninsured mean a preventable annual death toll of about 50,000 people -- that's about one death every 10 minutes," said Dr. Garrett Adams, president of PNHP, a nationwide organization of 18,000 physicians.

The Louisville, Ky.-based physician said that even if the administration's new health law works as planned, the Congressional Budget Office estimates 23 million people will remain uninsured in 2019.

OK, by 2019, only about 25,000 deaths. Yay. Thanks, "progressives"!

Single payer would prevent almost all of those deaths. So, if Bowers had any problem with those numbers, he wouldn't have imposed a news blackout on single payer, or thrown its advocates off his site.

No, it's the "cheering" and "applause" Bowers has a problem with. The class and cultural markers. So tacky. And it is tacky. In terms of actual deaths, Bowers, by not giving single payer any oxygen, has personally caused more deaths than any of the yammering tea partiers.

As usual, the Rs are open and up front about wanting to kill people. But the Ds are sneakier, more dishonest, and, in the case of HCR, far more effective.

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OK, by 2019, only about 25,000 deaths. Yay. Thanks, "progressives"!

I doubt there will be anywhere near that much of a reduction, not that a figure of 25k a year is acceptable, mind you. Being forced to buy insurance that we can't afford to use is not being "covered". It means you're still likely to die because you can't afford to see a doctor, but now you're also on the hook for $800 a year or more of insurance that won't do anything to keep you healthy.

An honest survey in 2019 will probably find that there are still 40k+ people dying because they don't have the access they need.

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I wish there was an alternative name for it, because I hate using RW tropes, but that is what we were stuck with.
But seriously, some people have actually been helped by it. The problem is that others have been hurt and even more will be hurt in the future. Plus, it further cements the parasitic health insurance industry as indispensible to health care.


As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2010.
This forced me to stop working and touring.
The type of cancer I have is called Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow.
I was caught off guard without insurance, but thankfully was able
to obtain insurance through the Affordable Care Act which passed congress last year
and for which I am eternally grateful. (some call it Obamacare)
In May of 2011 I underwent a Stem Cell Transplant which saved my life.
That procedure is not possible without insurance, I would've certainly died without it.
Politicians: Please STOP talking about repealing healthcare reform!
It's a cruel and heartless thing to suggest.

I have another good friend with early Parkinsons that has been similarly positively affected. So I hate categorical statements that Obamacare is the most awful thing ever, because that simply isn't true, and these people who's lives have been saved would rightly argue otherwise. Some good has been done, but at the expense of other harms.

Honesty is our only defense; we can't give up that weapon to score cheap points, or streamline our arguments.

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