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Chris Floyd Poem: The Good Corporal (for whistleblowers)

Good corporal, good corporal, now what have you done?
You’ve laid out the dead in the light of the sun.
You’ve opened the door where the dark deeds go on,
Where the fine words of freedom are broken like bones.

Good corporal, good corporal, you tell us of crime
Done in the name of your country and mine.
Of torture and murder, corruption and lies,
In a land where no echo will carry the cries.

Good corporal, good corporal, now who do we blame
For the horrors you bring us, for this undying shame?
Should we lay all the guilt on the grunts with no name,
Or the high and the mighty who rigged up this game?

Good corporal, good corporal, don’t you know the fate
Of all those who speak the hard truth to the State
And all who trouble the people’s sweet dreams?
They’re mocked into scorn and torn apart at the seams.

Good corporal, good corporal, what have you done?
You’ve laid out the dead in the light of the sun.

© 2010 by Chris Floyd

The author dedicated this poem to Bradley Manning, Sibel Edmonds, Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg.

(Thanks to Nancy Van Ness for bringing this to my attention! -libby)

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Submitted by cg.eye on

including that faux-liberal Matt Damon.

Yeah, Whitacre was a criminal, and mentally ill. But isn't the take-away lesson only crazy megalomaniacs have the stones in this culture to take on Big Anything? Who'd be sane enough to try, nowadays?

Which whistleblower can get close enough to know the crucial dirt that leads to prosecution, yet clean enough, that deep in? Whistleblowers are our last line of defense from unstoppable corporatism,and making fun of the real emotional problems of one of the most brave ones is kinda, I dunno, *discouraging*.