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CNN lost half its viewers last quarter

Business Insider:

For the month of March, CNN was down -50% in total viewers and down -60% in A25-54 viewers (Total Day). The net was down -21% in Total Viewers and down -26% in A25-54 viewers (Primetime) compared to March 2011."

The viewer exodus is not limited to CNN, though. Roger Ailes' aging heavyweight champion FOX News "was not immune to a loss in viewership for the month of March and for the first quarter of 2012. For the month, Fox News is down -17%," according to another post by Ariens.

It's exactly like Move Your Money, except people are moving their attention. And turning off the teebee is a splendid way to deny the rentiers rent, and eliminates a health hazard from the household.

All of which makes the "stop snitching" campaign that violence advocates are running even more mind-bogglingly stupid and damaging than we already know it to be At the very time that the old media are collapsing, violence advocates want to shut down live streaming and turn independent media into agitprop. I'm sure CNN and FOX would be happy with that, but anybody who believes Occupy can and should prefigure a better world should not be happy.

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Submitted by lbjdem on

that some things happened in the 1st quarter of 2011 that might have resulted in higher than normal cable news viewership:

1. Arab Spring
2. Japanese earthquake and tsunami
3. Subsequent Japanese nuclear crisis

It's no surprise that CNN and Fox, the largest of the cable news networks, have fewer viewers versus March 2011.