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I said, and I'll say again, that if Coakley does a "listening tour" of MA, and especially working class MA, and keeps doing it, under the radar and without the press, she'll beat Brown next time around. After all, that low-tech strategy won Hillary Clinton the popular vote in the FKDP's 2008 primary, right? So why not go with success?

UPDATE Via TNR's John Judis:

[T]he polls have not shown growing dissatisfaction among young, minority, or liberal voters--the three voting blocs that accounted for Obama’s strongest support in 2008. Where he has lost ground--and where the Democrats have lost ground--is primarily among white working and middle class voters and senior citizens.

In other words, exactly the people -- in fact, the Hillary voters -- that the Dems, together with the "creative class," who smeared them as racists, threw under the bus in the 2008 primaries. Quelle surprise. Maybe Coakley could do something about that?

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Submitted by vastleft on

... the pack in the primaries: running to the left of DC Dems.

Her position (which she unfortunately caved on after the fish in the mail or whatever) on Stupak left Capuano, who had fairly strong liberal cred, in the dust.

The result of the listening ought to be a real resolve to do better than her would-be Senate colleagues and to be fearless about making that clear.

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She's just announced she's campaigning for re-election for AG, which gives her the perfect opportunity.

However, should she decide the combined Mass. Big Boy league, who would rather lose with Capuano than win with anyone with icky girly parts, plus the epic FAIL of national Democrats on health care, the economy etc etc, is not worth trying to surmount a second time, then that's fine with me too. It's not on her alone to save the Dem's asses, if all they're going to do is act like asses.

And I fully expect to see all the "progressives" et al shouting that we had, had, had to take Coakley down to send Dems a message here in two years working their asses off to get Scott Brown out of office. But I also expect to be disappointed.

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Put up a meaningful alternative to Scott Brown, I'll support her/him. Running as Obama's 60th crap HCR vote wasn't exactly "asking for my vote." YMMV.

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of the warriors for "sending a message" who thought Senator Scott Brown was a small price to pay, or could be easily dislodged, fading into the woodwork in 2012. I hadn't had the impression that was you.

I'm also eagerly anticipating hearing the same passionate send-a-message arguments with the next Democrat in trouble at the polls. Perhaps it will be Russ Feingold. (yeah, I know, it's Rasmussen), who voted against preventative health care services for women* based on deficit bed-wetting, whipped for the public option* and the Senate bill overall, despite the Nelson language.

** granted, most progressives consider either of these a plus.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... about how easy or difficult it would be to dislodge Scott Brown.

However, I did determine that the most valuable use of my vote (for "none of the above") was to show the Democrats that there was a cost to so continually and so blithely taking the base for granted.

I'm somewhat favorably inclined toward Coakley, but I think it made good sense at this juncture to deliver a referendum on the party of Obama.

Since the Dems are doing little different from the Republicans, and since Obama and Rahm proved they could make Coakley dance when they wanted, I saw little downside to making the move.

As of right now, I don't have too much enthusiasm about voting for any Dem. I don't expect to be voting for any of them in November.

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vastleft, is kind of how I'm feeling about Gillibrand at this point.

I waver between "stay" and "go", but dang if voting for them doesn't just encourage them to be worse even than expected.