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Sebelius says Obama is working to permanantly block single payer

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Health Justice

Today, on NPR, Secretary Sebelius said that single payer is not only 'off the table' but that the President is considering measures to make sure it does not happen now or ever.

More than ever it is crucial that Congress pass no plan that prevents states from enacting their own single payer systems.

NOTE Here's the NPR summary:

Asked if the administration's program will be drafted specifically to prevent it from evolving into a single-payer plan, Sebelius says: "I think that's very much the case, and again, if you want anybody to convince people of that, talk to the single-payer proponents who are furious that the single-payer idea is not part of the discussion."

-- lambert

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Submitted by Anne on

approach. Wow, what a great advocate she is for HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES, huh?

He needs to tell us why it won't work, when a significant majority of people say that is what they want.

He needs to tell us why he is fighting so hard to maintain the status quo - allowing the insurance industry to call the shots will solve none of the problems we have with the system. It won't improve care or delivery of care or access to care. It won't cost less, and it won't cover everyone.

First it was the banksters that called the shots on the bailout, and now it is the insurance industry and the drug companies and the AMA that are calling the shots on health care.

All I can say is that I'm glad I never gave money to Obama; I'm angry enough as it is, but I would be over-the-edge livid if I thought I had sacrificed to send in a donation and this is what I had bought with it.

And just think, we have at least another 43 months to go! Wheeeee!

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Submitted by deniseb on

It's what he told us he was all along: a consensus builder, non-ideological, incrementalist, who would get everyone in the room and let them hash it out among themselves, who would not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Where did people think that would lead?

The kind of change we need doesn't happen by consensus. It happens when there is leadership with passion and an iron will fighting for it. The President has never shown me that he cares that much about anything besides promoting himself.

He'll settle for the least change (requiring the least risk on his part) that can allow him to say he accomplished something major. And he'll try to remove himself from all the details if he can, leaving Congress to take the blame if it's inadequate.

Every day my jaw drops as I read comments by people who feel betrayed and people who still think we're getting universal coverage. We're supposed to be the reality-based ones.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

Remember how anyone over the age of 45 was blamed for all of the crap in DC - you know, no compromise, partisianship all over the place - and Obama and O'Biden told everyone that by changing this dynamic the whole world would change.

BUT, the "kidz" forgot to look at the policies of the head cheerleader of this BS - a person without conviction, without character and without a shred of honesty in his body. I mean, the guy had never worked a full-time job in his life (his "Senate" tenure was not full-time because he started to run for his next "job" a month before winning that seat.

All Obama wanted was to be the Messiah and then leave the mess to the rest of us.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i don't think sebelius is saying the administration is going to block single payer for all time, just that the public option is specifically going to be set up so that it doesn't evolve into single payer.

which means that a lot of people who are supporting the public option because they expect it to eventually lead to single payer are going to be disappointed.

even worse, it probably means that the public option is going to be made as unattractive or unaffordable as possible, to discourage the masses from causing disruption in their eagerness to escape their employer-sponsored insurance.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

there's more.

"I think there is a lot of understanding that the private market has really failed to provide affordable coverage to Americans," Sebelius said. The industry has had "a lot of opportunities" to get rid of coverage restrictions and other unpopular policies, Sebelius said, and really "hasn't served Americans very well."

However, Sebelius stressed that Obama is open to compromise on the shape of the public plan, which doesn't have to be run by the government. She spoke positively of a compromise idea that envisions consumer-owned nonprofit cooperatives, like rural electricity or agriculture co-ops. They would get started with seed money from taxpayers but then compete without government control. The plan by Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., may end up in a health overhaul bill to be unveiled by the Senate Finance Committee this week.

the crappy co-ops, brr...

NYT had an article this morning saying that House Democrats are considering a VAT of 5% by sneaking it onto the price of everything.

Yes, that's what I want -- mandatory health insurace w/ co-op and a VAT.

Of course, the story changes every 5 min, but since she's making sound like Obama will be granting us our greatest wish w/ the co-ops ...

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

don't we?

I have a business and I can get insurance with other small businesses (only allowed to apply for this in August of each year). As the use of the insurance rises, so do the payments of allparticipants.
It also dictates pre exisiting services...and rates increase with age.

So what's so different?

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Submitted by dblhelix on

in your state -- I know of nothing similar in my state. I'd love to hear details.

Association pools (small businesses getting together) got killed in Congress (mainly by Dems, except for small-biz Dems) a few years ago, I think. I recall the legislation as quite weak.

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

however, by the time you prepare to enroll and make sure you do in the 15 day window (I think) and then you find out there is such a limited choice of providers and (breath) the cost is not great but cheaper than single policy, it just makes you angry.

FL Small Business Health Insurance

Submitted by Elliott Lake on

who is angrier and angrier at Congress and the President. They have their fat salaries, their pensions, their healthcare, which I am welcome to pay for and NOT welcome to participate in.
They go to Walter Reed on the taxpayer's dime, I can't afford a mammogram. They have jets fly them around the country to speeches denouncing socialized medicine and I can't afford physical therapy for an injured back. They have maids and nannies and housekeepers and medicare won't pay for home health workers for my Mom. Harry Reid and Obama swan around like they give a d&mn about us but it is all talk. Obama should cut back on his everlasting TV appearances and listen to what we want for a change, not just what he wants.

Fat chance of that though.
Vote for any of those folks now?
Fat chance of that either.

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Submitted by healthforall on

Our fight for equal access to healthcare for all is about democracy, human rights, civil rights, and basic human decency.

Congress and our legislators are violating our human rights by keeping Single Payer reform off the table, and not allowing the Congressional Budget Office to compare the costs of various reform bills (which would clearly show that single payer is the best for the country economically). Our legislators have sold out to corporate interests to the detriment of the health and lives of the rest of us.

65% of Americans and a majority of physicians want single payer healthcare. Our elected officials refuse to do what the majority of Americans want and need, and people are dying because of it.


1. Here’s the Secy’s email:




Phone: Comments: 202-456-1111;?Switchboard: 202-456-1414;
FAX: 202-456-2461

3. It's time for Montanans to BEGIN CIRCULATING FORMAL LEGAL PETITIONS TO RECALL SENATOR BAUCUS. 50,000 signatures will trigger a recall election. The mere presence of petitions in circulation would concentrate the mind of Baucus on the interests of voters not donors.

4. Other states should mount recall petitions against their Senators who have blocked single payer. Include Sen. Grassley (Iowa).


Submitted by jawbone on

As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States. The recall of Members was considered during the time of the drafting of the federal Constitution in 1787, but no such provisions were included in the final version sent to the States for ratification, and the specific drafting and ratifying debates indicate an express understanding of the Framers and ratifiers that no right or power to recall a Senator or Representative from the United States Congress exists under the Constitution. Although the Supreme Court has not needed to directly address the subject of recall of Members of Congress, other Supreme Court decisions, as well as the weight of other judicial and dministrative decisions, rulings and opinions, indicate that: (1) the right to remove a Member of Congress before the expiration of his or her constitutionally established term of office is one which resides exclusively in each House of Congress as established in the expulsion clause of the United States Constitution, and (2) the length and number of the terms of office for federal officials, established and agreed upon by the States in the Constitution creating that Federal Government, may not be unilaterally changed by an individual State, such as through the enactment of a recall provision or a term limitation for a United States Senator or Representative. Under Supreme Court constitutional interpretation, since individual States never had the original sovereign authority to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of service of federal officials agreed to and established in the Constitution, such a power could not be “reserved” under the 10th Amendment.


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Submitted by healthforall on

PDAmerica is organizing to defeat Max Baucus in Montana. Read more about it here:

From their website:

Challenge Max Baucus

Senator Max Baucus has demonstrated over and over that he is the single biggest stumbling block in the Senate to single-payer healthcare.

Progressive Democrats of America believes that is the duty of elected officials to represent the best interests of the electorate. This is especially true when the majority of the electorate has made their wishes known.

It is outrageous that the voice of the people is being completely ignored in favor of the failed corporate healthcare that has left our system shattered. It is shameful that front line doctors and nurses have been arrested for trying to bring their expertise to the discussion.

In these economic times, we cannot undertsand why Sen. Baucus is not considering single-payer healthcare, the most viable option for containing costs, delivering quality care, providing choice, and stimulating the economy.

Today, June 3, 2009, Progressive Democrats of America throws down the gauntlet.

Join the Challenge Max Baucus campaign! PDA is seeking a viable progressive candidate--who supports single-payer healthcare--to run for Max Baucus' Senate seat in 2014.

It is our intent to elect a progressive candidate beholden to the electorate, one who puts people above profits.

PDA is seeking volunteers in Montana and elsewhere to work in this grassroots campaign. Contact

Will you support this effort by making a contribution today? Please go here:


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Submitted by healthforall on

HEALTH CARE REFORM RALLY, June 25th, Washington, DC??Join us on Thursday, June 25, 2009 for The Great American Sickout, a National Rally for Health Care For All Now.

Congress is acting. They haven't been listening to us.?? Congress needs to hear a LOUD voice NOW. 1 Million People Shouting, "Health Care For ALL. Not Some. Not Most. ALL."??

Where: Washington DC, gather at the Washington Monument on the National Mall??

When: June 25, 2009, 10:00 a.m.??

Take the day off of work, BE THERE. Tell Congress in person, join Together.?

More information here:

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Submitted by BDBlue on

I know these are often designed to coincide with things like hearings, but I have to think it's hard to get really large turnouts on a weekday morning. I would normally be all over protesting for single payer and I live in Washington, but no way can I do it on a work day. Taking a day off is harder for a lot of us than it sounds. And I have a cushier, better job than most (and want to keep it).

I think one of the reason so many people were able to show up at the immigration rallies last year (or was it 2007?) is that they were on weekends.

Just a thought.

Submitted by hipparchia on

hcan, iirc, is the originator of the protest, and single payer advocates are piggybacking on it.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

The only way mandates had any chance in hell of working was if there was a strong public option, lots of help for those who couldn't afford the mandates, and a commission or other body aimed at regulating insurance costs and practices. Even then, the system was far worse than single payer, but might be supportable as at least better than what we have now. And, IMO, there is a credible argument that such a system is likely lead to a single payer system as people flee to the public option and the insurance game gets less profitable due to controls on the insurance industry.

However, it's beginning to sound like we're going to get none of those things. Which means we're going to have a system that mandates people buy insurance they cannot afford and gives them no other meaningful option (the co-op is not meaningful, that's why they're going to offer it). 60% of all bankruptices are caused by healthcare bills and 75% of those people had insurance. Now imagine that the insurance you had - which was so shitty you're in bankruptcy over medical charges - was forced onto you by the government? How happy are you going to be?

If they push nothing but an insurance parasite supporting plan through - which seems increasingly likely - there are going to be a LOT of pissed off people. All that anger aimed at the insurance industry now will have a new target. This isn't torture that happens where people can't see it or warrantless wiretapping that people can tell themselves isn't aimed at them. This is their fucking health and the health of their children. To mandate people buy an expensive, shitty product is not something people are just going to take, especially in this economy. It is, to me, a looming political disaster.

And at this point, I'd say it serves them right. A landslide election, 60 senators (soon), and polls showing at least 60% of Americans want single payer and they can't even get a decent bullshit plan with a public option through? They won't deserve to win elections.

Submitted by lambert on

As you say, BDB:

Now imagine that the insurance you had - which was so shitty you're in bankruptcy over medical charges - was forced onto you by the government? How happy are you going to be?

And whatever subsidy there is to give the 47 million some semblance of coverage is framed as "welfare" and "taxes" on those who have coverage through their employers, so it's constantly chipped away at for the next 10 or 20 or 30 years.

No thanks. Nothing is better than this.

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Submitted by MOBlue on

are also part of this package. $600 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are being proposed to help pay for the mandated insurance coverage.

A large group of people (especially the Seniors who vote) to tick off to support what looks like a give away to the insurance industry.

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Submitted by mass on

I thought he was cutting Medicare Advantage, which is where Medicare subsidizes private insurers for what it already does.

Submitted by hipparchia on

and it would be a good one.

unfortunately, it looks like it's not going to be real cuts so much as having the insurance companies bid on providing plans, which gives them a chance to bid low for the first year or two and then start jacking up prices again.

some of the proposed cuts make sense -- better drug prices [but they're not going to get rid of the law that says medicare can't negotiate drug prices, instead they're going to ask for rebates], cutting the subsidy to medicare advantage [but only if they do it right], going after medicare and medicaid fraud [good, but this isn't going to get them huge sums of money].

pnhp has a comment on this:

He would reduce overpayments to Medicare Advantage plans, reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud (sure), reduce hospital readmissions (block the entrances?), and reduce Medicare hospital payments by measuring quality (hmmm).

i particularly like the one about hospital readmissions.

what the administration is going for, and won't say, is that they want to cut actual care. they really do believe that old people are getting 30% more care than they need.

Submitted by jawbone on

take off the top, leaving only 70-71% for the actual CARE of patients.

Medicare admin costs are, what?, 3%? Vs. 30% for the for-profit guys, who also cost the health providers more with all their paperwork, denial of care which means telephone tag, personnel time.

But, clearly, the main objective of Obama is to protect the Big Insurers and their profits.

Not gonna be a very good legacy, Mr. Prez.

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

i particularly like the one about hospital readmissions.

AARP/Medicare states hospital admission takes up 45% of the total expenditures. Second place is physicians - 17%. That's 62% of Medicare. Also of note, women comprise 56% of Medicare clients.


Submitted by hipparchia on

some good information there.

that 45% prompted me to go look for corroboration for a vaguely remembered statistic, that seniors account for more than half of all hospitalizations, or that medicare pays for more than half of all hospital spending or something along those lines.

i never did find that website i was looking for, but i spent a couple of hours reading up on medicare and hospitalization. eye-opening.

Submitted by gob on

care than she should, thanks to her bossy, demanding sister-in-law, who blocked her from being thrown out of the hospital after four days without any arrangement being made for transfer to physical therapy, with a blood clot, a mysteriously low level of oxygen in her blood, and an infected knee.

Gosh, those greedy seniors.

Submitted by hipparchia on

that's sickening, and i don't mean to use the occasion to toss out a bad pun either, it truly makes me feel sick to think about how often stuff like this happens.

while you were writing your comment, i was reading up on medicare and hospital payments and found, among other things, this [appears to be from 2004] --

Hospitals discharge Medicare patients quicker and sicker than ever before. In 1968, patients age 65 and older stayed in the hospital an average of 14.2 days. By 1982, that was down to 10.1 days. Now it only 6.4 days.

Why? Medicare is under constant pressure from Congress to cut expenses. Now, Medicare benefits pay a hospital the same fixed fee for each patient with a particular medical condition — even if one patient's condition is more severe than another's. If a patient stays too long, the hospital has to pay the extra costs out of its own pocket. But, the shorter a patient stays, the more money the hospital gets to keep.

How bad has the situation become? According to The Wall Street Journal, "Nearly one in five people admitted to hospitals with broken hips are discharged before all of their vital signs are stable — . Those patients are far more likely to die or be readmitted to the hospital within two months."

it's from a site for seniors, so naturally it's about medicare, but judging by the horror stories i read on the internet [backed up by cold sober statistics], private insurers aren't much better.

Submitted by jawbone on

did not have. Ref libarian said NPR has long lag time for transcripts. Trying some others.

I googled and found no transcript anywhere, but the Corrente post is right up there .

Interviewer had to come back to the question of whether Obama administration is trying to make it impossible to go from any public plan to single payer; on third try (need transcript for correct count) she finally said yes, wanted to achieve that.

She had been dancing pretty fast to avoid having to say anything concrete. I really want to see the complete transcript.

Yowser. What corporatist suckups.

Submitted by jawbone on

Latest Sebelius NPR transcript in EBSCO is from May 7th. That lag time....

I had hoped it would be in lexis....

Amaxingly, little Democracy Now gets a transcript up, Talk of the Nation used to do one for their show, but ATC or Morning Edition? Oh, well. Tight budgets. And maybe just easier to not have to answer precise questions....

Submitted by lambert on

Just watch for it, because there might be other hidden gems in it when it appears. It seems to me that Sibelius might have been a little clumsy on her feet here...

Submitted by jawbone on

of Obama and the FKD Party. Just like the Repubs, only we can't believe theDems are really doing it bcz they do use those familiar phrases. Eventually actions speak louder than even beautiful words.

Back when lambert wrote about the Obama primary campaign waging a hostile takeover of the Dem Party, I thought the party could weather that attempt, that the principles of the party are stronger than one man, one power block.

But I did worry that Obama, Axelrod, et al, would seriously damage the Democratic brand image.

It's looking like that is a sure thing: takeover, principles ignored, brand damaged.

Obama? Repub Lite? The first black Republican president?*

*Cream City at Talk Left noted that Warren G. Harding may have been the first Black Republican president, based on the one drop rule more accepted in his era.

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Submitted by healthforall on

Quoted from:

“At a critical moment for health care reform in the United States, The National Economic & Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) has published an in-depth assessment of single payer proposals, finding that a single payer system goes further towards meeting key human rights principles than market-based plans.

“The question of whether national leaders will consider a single payer system as an option for health care reform has become a question of basic democracy. Despite most Americans supporting a single payer solution, the Obama Administration and congressional leaders have denied it consideration. Key stakeholders such as health care professionals, patients and single payer advocates have been excluded from hearings regarding health reform, prompting courageous civil disobedience actions by health care advocates.”

“A Human Rights Assessment of Single Payer Plans” is available for download at

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"Right now we are the only nation on earth that barters human life for money." -- Geri Jenkins,

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Submitted by healthforall on


Our fight for equal access to healthcare for all is about democracy, human rights, civil rights, and basic human decency.

We need to bombard the Media, White House, Senator Kennedy’s office, and our Senators and Representatives with Calls, Faxes and Emails for SINGLE PAYER. Let them know the following:

• The FACT that Single Payer will save BILLIONS of dollars and is the only viable economic solution. The study is here:
Also see the YouTube clip (5 minutes) about how to pay for healthcare reform “HR676 - The Single Payer Solution, Part 4 of 4: It’s about public financing and private delivery.

• We also need to INSIST THAT THE CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE ASSESS THE SINGLE PAYER PLANS (it will become quickly clear that Single Payer is the only financially viable option).

• Congress and our legislators are violating our human rights by keeping Single Payer reform off the table, and not allowing the Congressional Budget Office to compare the costs of various reform bills. See:

A MAJORITY of Americans and physicians want Single Payer reform. Expose the corruption and greed that is preventing Single Payer from being seriously considered. Our legislators have sold out to corporate interests to the detriment of the health and lives of the rest of us, and we will work for their defeat in the upcoming election cycles.


1. Send Letters to the Editor of your local and national Newspapers. And blog the economic facts everywhere.

Here’s a great place to easily locate media contact information:

2. Contact the media outlets and ask them to report truthfully on Single Payer Healthcare Reform, including the information noted above:

• ABC News Investigative Team:

• Ed Schultz, host of The Ed Show, has done some great shows on single-payer reform. Contact him here: and here:

• Washington Post contacts:

• CNN – submit news:

• ProPublica:

• Corporate Crime Reporter:

• Newsweek:

• Free press release distribution service (releases to Google News, etc):

There are many more media outlets. Use google to find more places to send your letters, op-eds, comments.

3. ASK President Obama to support Single Payer reform and to look at the billions in savings that would occur with Single Payer reform. Ask him to insist that the Congressional Budget Office evaluate the finances of the Single Payer plans. People are dying because of our current healthcare system. Single payer reform is a human right!



CALL AND FAX: Phone: Comments: 202-456-1111;?Switchboard: 202-456-1414; FAX: 202-456-2461

Comment, call, and fax every day!

4. Call, Fax and Email Senator Kennedy’s office and insist that he put SINGLE-PAYER healthcare reform on the table and have Single Payer plans assessed by the Congressional Budget Office. Request that he look at the financial figures and the huge savings that would occue with Single Payer. Object to forcing all Americans to buy health insurance. Healthcare should be a right, not a business.

Email Kennedy’s office here:

Fax him here:
FAX Senator Kennedy's Washington office: 202-224-2417
FAX Senator Kennedy's Massachusetts office: 617-565-3183

5. ASK your Senators to co-sponsor S 703, The American Health Security Act.

ASK your Representatives to co-sponsor HR 676, The United States National Health Insurance Act. (80 Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors so far).

Let your Senators and Representatives know the bottom line:



You can find your legislators’ contact information here:

6. Email and Fax directly AND send copies of your correspondence on this issue to:

• Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services: Email:

• Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House,
FAX: 202-225-4188, (202) 225-8259
Online form:

• Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform. Anyone have her contact information?

• President Obama (see his contact information above in # 3)

7. Sign Senator Bernie Sanders' Petition for Single Payer:

Ask your friends and colleagues to sign the petition as well.

8. Donate to the war chest to defeat Senator Max Baucus: More information here:

9. Consider circulating petitions to recall senator Baucus, Senator Grassley, and other legislators who are blocking single payer reform, and who are in the pockets of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. The mere presence of petitions in circulation would concentrate the mind of Baucus and other legislators on the interests of voters not donors. Even if there is no legal precedent, petitions of no confidence and commitment to defeating these corrupt politicians in the next elections, would go a long way to get their attention.

10. WE NEED THE SINGLE PAYER GROUPS TO ORGANIZE US TO PROTEST IN THE STREETS IN WASHINGTON AND ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! One idea would be to pick a weekend when Senators and Representatives are in their home districts and have Single Payer (not public option, just single payer) rallies and marches followed by visits to legislators in everyone’s home districts. These protests need to occur soon.

Only a single-payer approach to healthcare reform will end the inhumanity of our failed healthcare insurance system, where profits are more important than patients’ health, and where people die because of it.

The outcome of this fight will affect Americans for years to come!
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Submitted by jawbone on

Iranian protestors, so he might be swayed if we do something like that!

He said on Wednesday that the whole world supports the Iranian protestors.

Then again, he might not want to see that many "little single payer advocates"... that many "bleeding liberal hearts"....

Submitted by jawbone on

Stage blood? Taped on IV tubes, find one of those rolling IV stands? Gauze is good.

42 need to die during the protest (isn't that how many die per day bcz of no insurance?).

I doubt we'd get near the WH steps--what about Congressional steps? Need permits?

Submitted by hipparchia on

stage blood would be good, too. ketchup is cheap and easy to find.

a die-in would be good too. i think it's more like 60/day [22,000 dead/yr, 356 days/yr], rather than 42, but 42 'dead' people in a die-in would be dramatic enough to get some attention.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

much less single payer. As Ian Welsh points out, the WH does not exactly seem to be whipping for it:

Actions tell you what politicians really care about. For example the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee hasn’t put out a public option on health care, because two Democratic members won’t vote for it.

“Not even at Rahm’s level has anyone specifically called members of the HELP committee and said ‘we want this public option,’ said the source. “No one from the White House has called and put pressure on any of them.”

Obama says that a robust public option is important to him. But it’s all about priorities. The war and IMF money to bail out Eastern European banks was a White House priority, you could tell because Obama himself whipped for it when it was in trouble, just as he did for the TARP bailout funds.. A real public option? It’d be nice to have, says Obama, just like he said he’d like to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

He’d like to. But he won’t expend any effort or capital for either.

I wonder how much capital he’ll expend for real health care reform. Is something that can be called “health care reform” enough, or does he really want the real thing?

We’ll see.

Funny, Obama personally whipped for the bank bailout last October, too. Surely, he must be doing something on healthcare. Right? (And don't get me started on Democrats continuing to fund the wars without deadlines for their Democratic President.)

Ian's blog is well worth adding to your regular reading list.

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Submitted by basement angel on

a boondogle that does take single payer off the table permanently. He doesn't want Hillary, or anyone else, getting electing and having that as their legacy. And yes, he is that petty and that irresponsible. At least, that's what how he appears to me.