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NRA to go into the "protection" business


Mr. LaPierre said his organization would finance and develop a program called the National Model School Shield Program, to work with schools to arm and train school guards, including retired police officers and volunteers. The gun rights group named Asa Hutchinson, a former Republican congressman from Arkansas and administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency, to lead a task force to develop the program.

Super. An NRA-trained militia "guarding" the schools. What could go wrong?

Will there be a "conscience exception" so they don't have to guard teachers or classes or students they don't approve of?

NOTE I like the DEA heritage of the administrator. Because freedom!

UPDATE Then again, I could be unfair to LaPierre; reading more closely, the program only applies to "Model Schools."

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So now is the time to contact our local school boards and municipal governments and tell them we don't want NRA death squads anywhere near our schools. In fact, we don't want guns in our schools in any form whatsoever.