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The Friday Petidote! (and a request for help)

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New feature: The Friday Petidote!

Tootsie, Maine Coon

During the winter when plants and plant pics are a bit thin on the ground, we are going to try to add Petidotes. Monday – Thursday, twig and I will put up Plantidotes, but on Fridays we would like to feature pets of the community. Kitties, puppies, birds, alpacas, the random iguana… Whether you are a Corrente member or not, if you’d like to donate a pet pic for this feature please send that, or a link, to twig ( or Kath ( with a name and/or a story.

Today we are featuring our own Valley Girl’s Maine Coon, Tootsie. VG’s photography skills and Tootsie’s cool beauty and imperturbable personality are a win/win. I am hoping Valley Girl will come along in comments and add a brief Tootsie overview. Here we see the Empress Tootsie as she surveys her domain and loyal subjects (ok, so she was hanging out at the pool. Same.)

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

Thanks Kathryn and Lambert. I actually do call her "Beauty cat", or "Ms Fluffy Pants". You can't see Tootsie's footsies in this but she's a Maine coon of a rare sort- polydactyl. She picks up straws with her paws.

p.s. she's a rescue cat- found her on Petfinder.

Submitted by jcasey on

She obviously appreciates her admiring human companions.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

Tootsie has come such a long way since I adopted her at age 6. She was a miserable scared kitty. The slightest noise terrified her. How she got to be this way, I don't know.

I know that there are strong arguments for keeping a cat totally indoors. I considered all aspects, and finally decided to let her go outside under supervision. That small adventure really transformed her into a much more content and braver cat.

She never strays far, and comes when I call her (yes!). It's as if she now has learned the source of various outdoor noises (such as trash collections, best example I can think of right now) and these no longer bother her. She even made friends with the guy who fixed my fence, whereas she was, in the petfinder ad, said to be totally scared of men.

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Submitted by twig on

I had one cat. Now I have four, and sometimes five, through no fault of my own, of course!

Tootsie is a total byootay! Great job on the rescue, VG -- sometimes it's quite challenging to deal with a pet that has an unfortunate history. It's always worth it, though, at least in my experience.