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Our elites hate us

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Everybody Agrees: There Isn't Enough Suffering

I do wonder just where this streak of sadism comes from. Is it older people jealous of youth wanting younger people to take a few good kicks from the boot just because? Is it just people who can't be happy unless somebody else is miserable? Do people really believe that the poors and olds in this country have it too good?

It's just so weird.

It is the long term effect of the Lewis Powell Memo. Ever since America's financial elite turned their back on the social compact, there has been a steady stream of propaganda about how we are too indulgent, too permissive, and we need more suffering. And since this propaganda has distributed by previously credible news organizations, it is internalized by a lot of people who should know better. Indeed, until very recently no one outside of a small elite even knew what the Lewis Powell Memo was and did not know what we were up against.

So now we come to a point where arguing to throw granny in the snow to fund endless wars is sensible and centrist. Our public discourse is toxic.

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our fiscal messes.


They're all "greedy" "takers." Not upright, loyal, Amercins who are filthy rich. They think they eserve their earned benefits! He is shocked, shocked, I tell you.

It was a galling set of statements of Brooks and not worth hearing, but you can go to for a way to hear it. Ack.

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The essence of class warfare is to separate the 99% into different segments and then set them at each others' throats. The ensuing confusion makes the looting by the rich and elites that much easier.