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Weekend Plantidote 2013-01-05 (for those in plantidote withdrawal)

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lily, daylily, iris, jonquil

I know I feel like hibernating until Spring. The news is depressing and the weather outside is gray. For those of you who need a little relief......




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Submitted by lambert on

However, I do think that Jerztomato and twig might need help on the Plantidotes -- and for good reasons, not bad, they are both busier now, as I understand it!

Who wants to pitch in?

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Submitted by insanelysane on

Oh thank dog Plantidote is back. It's a cold grey dreary day here and these hot yellow sunny flowers have warmed up the place. Glad you are back in action. I really missed these beautiful photos!

Did I miss the photos I sent of the weird Carrion flower?

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Submitted by twig on

Hey, there -- you haven't missed them! Look for them later this week. I'm just coming out of hibernation, moving at about the speed of a sloth at the moment. But they're coming!!