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Daily Kos, the Great Orange Satan, totally hurdles the shark

This was front-paged:

Everything that happened at the Lincoln dealership Friday seemed to fit in with this ethos. If Lincoln was looking for middle aged Xers who will not pay an arm and a leg for a luxury car, but still want to look like a grown up, they found at least one. They made me feel like I had graduated. The car seemed to fit me. Now I was about to do something more than just the simple act of buying some wheels. Hell, I don't even need a car and they seemed to know that too. This is New York!

Oh, the "Lincoln" -- oh, ha ha ha -- totally suits you, "brooklynbadboy." Some of us, of course, have to take the bus -- or are under the bus -- but that' s OK! No hard feelings!

And get a load of this:

The Italian guy at the dealership was the exact same age as me, but not married. I could tell by the way he talked he had spent plenty of time around the brothers. Not in an attempting-to-be-black way that white folks sometimes do. But in the real way ... like he talks this way all the time. I'm pleased by this, which means he is a good salesman. He didn't ask about the ages of my kids or my wife. Instead, he insisted on dividing the conversation into two parts: 1. maximum price and minimum price and 2. salespitch. I liked this approach. We came to agreement quickly because I wanted to get this over with, expecting to be as unsatisfied eventually as I was at the BMW dealership and the Volkswagen dealership and the used car dealerships of my younger years. Cars don't grow on you unless you love them and all the cars I've owned have been jilted girlfriends. Yeah, I researched this car very carefully before I came here. I sat inside it at this year's auto show. He knows it too and

Dear Lord. Trying a little too hard, maybe?

Shorter Brooklynbadboy: "I've got mine!"

NOTE I look forward to the impending conversion of Daily Kos to a lifestyle publication. Come to think of it, that's really all that Obama support comes down to, doesn't it? Aside from the class warfare, of course.

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Submitted by Miguel Sanchez on

For me it jumped the shark when it went from being the 'reality-based community' to being the 'Obama-based community'. But sometimes one has to jump the shark over and over again just to make the point.

I only read GOS now for the laughs and to shake my head at the head-up-assedness of the place. Today, for instance, I got a larf at how citizen k made the wreck list with a diary smearing Matt Taibbi's latest piece. The diary is pure dailykos wankery in that it boils down to 'Taibbi said something positive about a republican and negative about a democrat. Since republicans are pure evil and democrats are good, Taibbi is a con man'. Haha!

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Submitted by JLA on

"Shorter Brooklynbadboy: 'I've got mine!'" -- That nails it. I think he did a fairly good job of the same thing with his line, "used car dealerships of my younger years." Cause only people of "younger years" should need to visit a "used car dealership" ...

Submitted by Lex on

Fools buy brand new cars. The depreciation is colossal. The smart car buyer gets something 2ish years old and lets some other "badboy" take the loss. That is if you're into new cars. I like buying them old, just before they start gaining value again. (exception for those who plan to drive the damned thing into the ground then by all means buy new, but buy the previous model year that the dealer wants off the lot)

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Submitted by Alexa on

their is a reluctant, but growing acceptance of at least "measured" criticism of Obama. Now that's compared to a couple of years ago.

Which is not to say that they don't have a large number of Obamabots--they do. But there was a time that the slightest criticism would cause folks to "gang up" on commenters (like some still do at other progressive blogs).

I think that many of the so-called progressive diarists, at some of the partisan blogs are just "weary" of standing up for this Administration. You think?

David Dayen actually told Sam Seder in a radio interview that he thought blogging had to some extent, lost its effectiveness. And, certainly, there were a lot of toxic turf fights at FDL. I have to wonder if Dayen also didn't get sick of them, too.

Anyway, I miss his writing.

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Submitted by Miguel Sanchez on

That of course depends on what effect it was supposed to have. Remember the mantra at dailykos used to be 'more and better Democrats'. That was quickly abandoned for 'more Democrats' which I submit is what that blog is really about. 'Better Democrats' quickly transmogrified into 'you just want a pony'.

I think measured criticism of Obama became more acceptable after the first debt ceiling fiasco. But the pony defence remains in effect and 'better Democrats' isn't coming back until a Republican is back in the Whitehouse.

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Submitted by Alexa on

arguing that, at all. Guess I'm just saying that it seems that at least some commenters don't get so apoplectic (and that's almost an understatement) as they did. Heck, I quit commenting there totally at one time, because even the mildest criticism backed up with a link or resource sent those folks into a "tizzy."

So, all I'm saying is that most folks at DKos don't seem to be that bad, anymore.

About David Dayen, remember he wrote for FireDogLake (FDL) as a 'news guy,' not for DKos (I believe Dayen did diary at DKos on the side, but not as a "paid" diarist). Anyway, guess David had been blogging for about eight years. And you're right, it depends on "how one defines effective," I suppose. And I honestly don't know how he meant "effective."

I wonder if part of the reason David came to that conclusion is the fact that in many progressive blogs, everything evolves into a food fight, anymore, because of this Administration's policies and stances. IOW, it has "split" the Democratic Party something awful. And that split "shows" in the vitriolic comments (hurled back and forth between commenters), so typical at many progressive blogs, today.

Clearly, that's not a problem at Corrente, but Corrente is an exception.

BTW, what is "the pony defence?" I've seen references to "sparkle ponies," and haven't clue what anyone is talking about.

[I'm not a real seasoned blogger like many folks here.]

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Submitted by Miguel Sanchez on

I didn't mean for my comment to be perceived as criticism of you personally so I apologize for it coming across that way. I'm a horrible cynic with poor 'people skills'.

I don't read the great orange satan as closely as I used to but I think you are right about the split. The way I see it is the split manifests itself not in pie fights within diaries but with competing wreck list diaries. The members of each group pile into their respective diaries to vent their spleen against the other diary while avoiding the dreaded 'donuts' that would occur if they did anything more than a wee bit of grumbling in the other faction's diary.

The pony defence originated with Atrios, I believe, although I don't recall the exact evolution. Essentially, it's an argumentation style used by Obamabots. Whenever someone criticizes Obama for not being 'progressive' or liberal enough the critic is immediately pummelled with accusations of being a spoiled brat by demanding too much, wanting things that Obama never promised in the first place, that are unrealistic, that progressives shouldn't really want, that don't really matter, etc, which Atrios succinctly labelled as 'wanting a pony' perhaps because some Obamabot actually used that phrase back in the olden days. Anyone who reminds the dkos minions that dkos once claimed to stand for 'better Democrats' not just 'more Democrats' is typically accused of 'wanting a pony'.

Submitted by lambert on

... but that doesn't mean it's lost its effectiveness; see here.

More precisely, it will lose effectiveness only for those who don't display adaptability.

Kos would be perfectly "effective" as a lifestyle publication, after all. That's how they adapted to success.

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Submitted by Alexa on

much, really, when he said he wanted to find a venue for "long-form" writing. I think those were his words. And, I think that he's wanting to get 'more into the weeds' analyzing news, as opposed to reporting it.

Anyway, I wish him well.

Submitted by lambert on

... what the new media can't really compete with (except agnotology, of course (you can look it up)).

Yves does it very well. I used to do a lot more of it. I want to get back into that mode.

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Submitted by Alexa on

I sounded defensive in my tone.] Maybe I've been watching too much "squabbling" at the aforementioned blogs today, LOL!

So, Atrios started the "pony/spoiled brat meme," huh? Thank you for filling me in. I hadn't a clue. Have seen this referenced throughout the liberal blogosphere. It appears that I was probably the only person who didn't know what everyone was talking about.

Submitted by lambert on

Technically, Atrios is a brilliant blogger. Corrente started out at Eschaton, in case you didn't know. Back in the day.

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Submitted by techno on

Dkos is interesting as an anthropological phenomenon. What folks like us who still hold this quaint notion the politics should be about what we need to do as humans in a collective fashion (whether its economics, medicine, education, environmental response, etc.) need to understand is the we have been deliberately marginalized by the lifestyle, identity politics, the personal-is-the-political types. For them, it doesn't matter if we trash the real economy, trivialize the environmental movement, roll back the New Deal, so long as we make correct decisions about gay marriage or whatever today's issue is.

We get banned from places like Kos because talking about trade policy or the outcome of Doha is RUDE. We're boring people who exist to feel groovy. We're demanding folks make a principled stand about working conditions of people who they find icky. We have the temerity to suggest that all the results of primitive patriotism are not positive. There is a gay former Eagle Scout front-pager who conducts gift-package drives to "support the troops." Why an organization that spends $700 billion needs a bake sale or what exactly we are "supporting" in Bagram can NEVER be asked.

The fatal flaw of the manners uber alles crowd is that there are real problems that need real solutions and there are actually economic principle worth starting a revolution over. In the end, Kos is irrelevant because it is run by church ladies—of both sexes.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

the need to protect him has been removed. it will be ok to criticize him, and after 2014 it will be ok to post scathing criticism.

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

Here's Belle Waring's March 6, 2004, post that translated the Calvin and Hobbes strip insight into the liberal blogosphere. If I remember correctly Atrios and Crooked Timber picked it up very quickly.

Submitted by lambert on

2004 is a long time back in blog years. Thanks for the research