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Fecal cliff budget deal: Farm Bill clusterfuck


The Environmental Working Group (EWG) calls the deal — which will provide $5 billion in subsidies to industrial-scale corn, soy, and wheat farmers while short-changing local food, organics, and beginning farmers, and decimating on-farm conservation efforts — “deeply flawed.” The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), meanwhile, has referred to it as “blatantly anti-reform,” while the Union of Concerned Scientists calls it “a giant step backward” and “a blow to farmers who want to grow healthy foods and the consumers who want to buy them.” The National Young Farmers Coalition was also “incredibly disappointed with the results.”

Someone I know who works in the field says that all her programs were zeroed out. And organic agriculture and sustainability is one of the things the state of Maine is really good at -- as opposed to, say, turning oceans of hormone-laced milk into processed cheese, for which the subsidies continued.

Maine gets a subsidy from the Union, just like the Red States do, so I guess we're coming out positive despite the hippie punching, at least in money terms, but sometimes you've gotta wonder.

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the very first comment under that grist post:

Money is not tight. The sooner voices in the progressive coalition recognize that they have lost the battle, simply by accepting this Pete Peterson premise at the outset, the sooner we can come back and win the war. The US government can NEVER run out of money. MMT; learn it, and recognize that we cannot move forward in solving our myriad civilizational crises until we expose that the key economic narrative of the past several decades - that we are like an overspending household - is a myth. One that has been used to obliterate anything remotely resembling progressive government, which is what we need now more than ever.

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yep, way cool.

in another venue, my favorite biologist has been blogging about mmt and paying for science and research and civilization in general for ages [that's where i first heard of mmt, btw]