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Lily, A Hero For 'Mill' Dogs [Updated January 11, 2013]

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Puppy mills
[Photo Credit: Puppy Mills, justblametv's Library, photobucket]


[Photo Credit: National Mill Dog Rescue Photostream, Flickr]

Slideshow: Lily, A Hero For Mill
[Slideshow Credit: milldogrescue and ClayMyersVideo]

Lily, a Hero for Mill Dogs, ClayMyersVideo, YouTube

I am posting Lily's story in the hope that doing so may encourage many of you to consider getting your next dog from a rescue or shelter, rather than a pet store or commercial breeder.

This is Lily's story as told by a couple of uplifting images, a beautiful slideshow--set to music, and a video narrated by Theresa Strader [which does NOT show graphic photos of a puppy mill operation]. Ms. Strader bought Lily 'at auction' from the Reedsgate Kennels in Missouri, in February 2007.

This "purchase" led Ms. Strader to establish the National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This dog rescue facility was founded in honor and in memory of Lily, a little Italian Greyhound.

Theresa and Rich Strader, and their children, gave Lily a safe and loving home for a little more than a year, before she finally succumbed to (facial) cancer.

When Ms Strader purchased Lily, she was already in deteriorating health, although she was still a relatively young dog. Her uterus had literally cankered from all the years of breeding. Lily was so emotionally scarred, that it took seven months before she would allow her new family to "hold her."

For Theresa Strader, Lily became "a symbol of hope, courage, forgiveness, and strength."

As Ms Strader herself so poignantly put it,

"Lily was a serious dog, stripped of her ability to be a typically silly Italian Greyhound because during her first seven years of life she had no opportunity to move or socialize with what came to be her favorite thing in life - people.

What she did find in herself in time though, was courage. When she found her courage, she let everyone know about it, climbing into the laps and arms of total strangers and sharing her very special love with everyone around her.

No one walked away from Lily the same person. Her tiny, disfigured little self moved grown men to tears, many times."

I am in agreement with Ms. Strader that it is not possible to walk away from Lily, or for that matter hear her story, and remain the same person.

I thank the Straders for "the gift of Lily."

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Submitted by twig on

Haven't watched the video yet, because it'll undoubtedly make me cry, but later I will.

Mr twig and I just rescued a tiny Pomeranian who was running down a very busy street and discovered from her microchip that she was a puppy mill pup, sold by a horrible local "pet shop" that had gone out of business (yay!). Anyway, whoever bought her apparently got tired of her and threw her out. We put up signs, tried for three days to get a not-disconnected phone number for the owner and then gave up. She is an absolutely delightful little dog who now lives with a friend of ours. The friend sends emails every few weeks telling us how much she loves her. And here she is, in a box she decided to make her fort ....

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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Submitted by Alexa on

little "Pom." She's beautiful. And "Yay" is right!

That is a great picture, btw. I just found out that we'll be out-of-town Friday, so I may just go ahead and add the slideshow tribute and Rich Strader's tribute to this post, instead of making a Part Two.

I wish that the NMDR (National Mill Dog Rescue) would allow their images to be embedded. I started not to even post the links, but because I know that some folks won't have time to watch a video, I thought that I should do so in order to 'drive home' the pathetic plight of some of these precious dogs.

It's sort of weird. Their are numerous images in the slideshow that minimize Lily's facial disfigurement. So, for the most part, once you get over the 'shock,' you don't really notice it.

I miss your "little avatar's picture." I'm going to change mine back to "fire," when I can find the image. We have beau coup of pictures of Murphee and Bailey, but I don't have my scanner here, and can't access but about 4 or 5 of them (and the worst ones, naturally).

Thank you for the two fantastic Plantidotes. If I can ever get my scanner over here, I might could contribute a handful of pics for Friday's Petidote (but I can't volunteer, unless I get the scanner back).

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Submitted by twig on

or am I not seeing it correctly? It looks like an adorable dog in a hat or scarf --very glamorous! Hope you get your scanner back -- maybe we can get Petidots back in action!

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Submitted by Alexa on

if one looks at/edits a post in their account.

Which I did either yesterday, or the day before. I noticed in my 'dead links' tab that you provide, that some link(s) were not working anymore.

(Actually, there are quite a number of them that are 'bad.' I haven't even begun to look at most of them, to see if they can be fixed or replaced.)

In the 'Puppy Mill' diary, I hope to either 'fix' the link(s), or find another video or slideshow to replace it.

(BTW, Twig had posted a picture of one of her rescues. I got a good chuckle out of a couple of the comments.)

Anyway, I went back to the original source to recopy the code, but it still would not embed properly.

Right now, we've heavily involved with Family for Mother's Day week. So I just don't have time to work on it.

Eventually, though, I'll try to fix it. It appears that some of the 'permissions' may have changed. (as best I can tell)