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Winter's onset

41° F and rising. This is a January Thaw-and-a-Half!

The Old Farmer's Almanac, so far, seems to have been really off this year. Another example of old formulas not working.

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I suppose I should start writing more about climate, but dear lord, what a swamp of dis- and misinformation to wade into.

It seems to me also, despite the models, that the thing to focus on is oscillation or fluctuation, the sign of a system heterodyning out of control. I am actually sympathetic to the idea of planets (and stars) being conscious beings, and at some point, the Earth is going to remove the source of irritation.... But whether through chills or fever I do not think we can know....

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one of the features of global warming is freak weather, 41 degress in January, 32 degrees and snow in April.

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Our temps are in the low 30s, weather I associate with the east coast Portland. Our normal daytime highs would be the high 40s. I don't think I have ever worn my heavy winter coat as much as I have this year.

In the new normal it seems that up is down.

Submitted by lambert on

... except when up is even more up.

You guys had spring in February last year, right?