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Larry Summers and lack of agency

Larry Summers, "writing" in Pravda, provides a splendid example of lack of agency in The Official Style:

Since the November election the U.S. public policy debate has been focused on prospective budget deficits and what can be done to reduce them. The concerns are partly economic: There is a recognition that debts cannot indefinitely be allowed to grow faster than incomes and the capacity to repay them. There is a heavy moral dimension with regard to this generation not unduly burdening its children. There is also an international and security dimension, with worries that the excessive buildup of debt would leave the United States vulnerable to foreign creditors and lacking flexibility to respond to international emergencies.

Really, Larry? Who focused the debate? Who had the recognition? Who determines the moral dimension? And who's doing the worrying about international and security dimensions?

Wait, wait. Don't tell me. I've got it.

Bob Rubin!

NOTE The same Bob Rubin who advocated privatizing Social Security right when Obama was first elected in 2008. Larry is doing the same thing: Letting Obama know who his owners are, and what they want.

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Is there anywhere a list of Summers follies? I am thinking of all the money he lost in some Harvard investment fund (but for whatever reason that did not finish his career at Harvard), and saying that women can't understand economics, and that Africa is not polluted enough. There should be a list somewhere, is there?