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Maybe our own banksters can learn from the Yakuza!

AFP (Raw Story):

A Japanese journalist who worked at the crippled nuclear plant months after the accident in March 2011 has claimed that Japan’s yakuza are involved in supplying clean-up crews.

The journalist, Tomohiko Suzuki, told AFP the crime groups have long sent debtors to nuclear power plants as a way of paying off loans made at sky-high rates.

I understand the yakuza are excellent at motivational speaking.

Maybe somebody can explain the differences between Japan's criminal elite and our own. My impression is that our own banksters tend to work through computer software and at arm's length, whereas the yakuza prefer to take a more personal approach.

NOTE Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon:

"[Y.T.] The Mafia has a sample of the drug for the first time, thanks to me and my pal Ng. Until now, it always self-destucted before they could get to it. So I guess they're analyzing it or something. Trying to make an antidote, maybe."

"[HIRO PROTAGONIST:] Or trying to reproduce it."

"The Mafia wouldn't do that."

"Don't be a sap," Hiro says. "Of course they would."

Y.T. seems miffed at Hiro.

"Look," he says, "I'm sorry for reminding you of this, but if we still had laws, the Mafia would be a criminal organization."

"But we don't have laws," she says, "so it's just another chain."

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