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Save the skeets!

White House releases photo of Obama firing gun

If WaPo's Style Section came out with a story that said all the conservatives were eating chocolate-covered grasshoppers these days, you can be sure you'd see chocolate-cpvered grasshoppers on the menu at the next White House banquet.

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If he was shooting skeets the gun would be pointing upwards. Why not just say the President was trying target shooting? Why lie about something like this.

Submitted by lambert on

When they first made the claim, the idea was that a lot of skeet shooting took place at Camp David. So you're right. Oh well!

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Submitted by hipparchia on

If he was shooting skeets the gun would be pointing upwards.

maybe, maybe not. if you study this video of a skeet shooting championship carefully, you can see that that's not always the case:

Why lie about something like this.

why do you think the white house is lying about this, and more to the point, why are you mindlessly helping to spread pointless and petty faux-scandal-mongering about the president that is probably itself a lie? you yourself have written disapprovingly [and rightly so] in the past about the faux-scandal-mongering that was aimed at the clintons, why is it now ok to participate in such witchhunts against obama?