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Super Bowl open thread.

In case anybody is watching!

NOTE Not a prediction, just a hope.

UPDATE Ya know, I just went out and got slightly plotzed. I think I'm gonna watch!

UPDATE The ads seem very repeititious. The same Camry and Samsung ads over and over again. Is it always like this?

UPDATE Power outage?!?!? WTF?! (I seem to have fallen asleep during Beyonce's half-time act, and woke up during the power failure. Devolution....)

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Submitted by tom allen on

No "lights out for the Niners" puns yet by the announcers? Well, maybe it's premature.

Submitted by lambert on

... to watch what is apparently American's premier TV extravaganza without identifying with any part of it. Not the teams, not the players, not the announcers, not the "half-time entertainment," not the NFL or the AFL, not the networks.

Rather like my position regarding electoral politics, if it comes to that.

Adding, I'm not unhappy to see Baltimore win, instead of smug "creative class" San Francisco. If Oakland had been playing, I would have been rooting for them.

Submitted by Lex on

You realize that kind of favoring Baltimore is also kind of favoring a guy who got his involvement in a double murder down to pleading obstruction of justice, right? It was his last run before retirement and he's been babbling on about God and going out on top/riding into the sunset.

Submitted by lambert on

I don't follow sports at all. Nice to see that elite impunity has filtered down to football players (see under Steubenville).

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

I didn't watch at all. Don't give a shit! There are very few comments here; also indicating that most of us don't give a shit. Btw, my computer is telling me that pages at HuffPo, Dailykos, and FDL are infected with malware. No problems at or here, or NEP, or NC, or Comcast. Wonder if there's a coordinated attack on three most attended sites in the liberal blogosphere?

Submitted by Lex on

The first two on that list are most certainly Malware by definition, the third isn't far behind. And i'd say that the liberal blogosphere has a real problem if the HuffPo and Kos represent its go to sites. Explains a lot.

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Submitted by twig on

Wow, thanks, lets! Very curious. Malware and blogs folding -- not good.

Submitted by lambert on

I'd be extremely skeptical of any malware claims directed at sites. I can't imagine that DK isn't well protected, for example. And one also thinks of false flag operations.