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Social Security call to arms

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The New Deal

I'll admit that, for the most part, during the great and glorious benevolent rule of the Kenyan Muslim Socialist, I've been a bit unsure just what I should be advocating for.

I've found my groove. We need to increase Social Security Benefits. The Professional Left needs to sign on to this. All the oldsters need to vote for it. Congressional candidates need to get on board.

We need an issue to break the dam of right wing talking points. I really don't care what the issue is. I blogged in support of the simlar Stop the Machine October 11 and Occupy Wall Street bacause I thought that at least people were trying to shift the debate. That is why I supported the Walmart Workers Day of Action, the anti-Keystone Pipeline demonstrations and similar efforts.

Could increasing Social Security benefits be that issue? That might be the best response to Pete Peterson and his catfood journalists. But first we need people like Nancy Altman to get behind it, and I am not optimistic about that.

But such a proposition has an enormous popular appeal, and it is the best way to solve the dissappearing pension issue. So if Dr. Duncan Black, or anyone else wants to start a White House petiton to lower the Social Security eligibility age with an increase in benefits, or any thing else, this blogger is on board.

We need an issue to break the dam, it does not really matter which issue it is, only one with the necessary popular support to brind down the entire dam. Once we do that health care, protecting the enviroment, reproductive rights, all the rest of our issues will come along, only let us break the dam first.

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Submitted by lambert on

1. Reduce the eligibility age to 60 (free up jobs for young people) and

2. Age-neutral benefits (benefits should not get worse the younger you are).

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Submitted by twig on

and it would help so many people that it's got a snowball's chance in hell of ever happening. But why not push for it? Seems like it would be hugely popular among us old timers.

Submitted by mgmonza on

Just a note on what I've noticed happening with those too old for employers to even consider hiring (anti-age discrimination enforcement is a joke, as is enforcement of most other EEO laws): many seniors around age 60 are applying for and getting disability (or SSI).

While I applaud any means seniors have of staying alive in the face of the cat-food commission's and employers' ice-floe solutions, actually allowing seniors to officially retire when forced to by employers, rather than having to claim a possibly tenuous or even non-existent disability, would be the better choice.