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National Day of Shame

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Day of Shame, 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, Colin Powell went to the United Nations and presented an emperor's-new-clothes argument for raining death, dismemberment, and displacement onto the people of Iraq.

Colin Powell Gets Mad at Me

Colin Powell's Tangled Web

Can you imagine having an opportunity to address the United Nations Security Council about a matter of great global importance, with all the world's media watching, and using it to… well, to make shit up – to lie with a straight face, and with a CIA director propped up behind you, I mean to spew one world-class, for-the-record-books stream of bull, to utter nary a breath without a couple of whoppers in it, and to look like you really mean it all? What gall. What an insult to the entire world that would be.

Colin Powell doesn't have to imagine such a thing. He has to live with it. He did it on February 5, 2003. It's on videotape.

Behind Colin Powell's Legend: The Media Icon

Many people are dead because of this liar.

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Submitted by lambert on

For some nutty reason, I'm blocked at the current WiFi hotspot from Blogger, so I could not add this.

Submitted by Hugh on

Colin Powell's performance at the UN was the first O Shit! moment for me that eventually sent me to the blogosphere. Until then I thought that our institutions of government, and even the press, still had a core of professionalism that while they might shade the truth they would not create it out of whole cloth. It was Colin Powell at the UN that first started me on what is now a 10 year process of unlearning much of what I thought I knew and rebuilding that knowledge base of how our social, government, political, and economic institutions actually work through learning from others and my own investigations. While I continue to learn, I see much of my mission as education pushing themes and ideas to combat the relentless barrage of propaganda, lies, and distractions we are daily confronted with.

I think that all of us who have been blogging over the years have had to make sacrifices. There certainly has been no money in it for most of us, in fact the reverse. I can understand why blogs like the Agonist fold. In the past, there were movements, unions, even political parties, even a few rich patrons to support the kind of work we do. But either those sources have dried up, don't exist, or don't exist yet. We barely even joke anymore about the check from Soros being in the mail. That's the real hardship of blogging, that it not only takes a great deal of time and effort, but we have do so much of it alone, depending on our own resources. A full time job but for no pay. That can wear anyone out over time and it often does.