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Weekend Plantidote 2013-02-09

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hardy cyclamen

cyclamen coum

hardy cyclamen

I was doing some weeding and pruning yesterday and thinking about what to post on Plantidote. Was I going to have to resort to my plant file? I spotted this hardy cyclamen. There are 2 cyclamens hardy to zone 5, cyclamen coum which blooms in February and cyclamen hederifolium which blooms September-November.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

Ever notice the mechanism these tiny cyclamen use to propagate?
Once the pretty flower has faded a seed pod forms at the end of the stem. As the seeds develop, the pod gets heavier and heavier. Soon the weight of the seed pod lowers the stem to "kiss" the ground where the seeds find ready contact with soil.
They actually plant themselves.
Very Charming!

Submitted by lambert on

Or at least richly rotting ground cover. No wonder they want to stoop down and kiss the soil!

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Submitted by NWLuna on

I must go look for the hardy cyclamen in my garden now! I tend to overlook them because they're so small and come out during the dreary, rainy, drizzly, cold, days. I love the way they spiral their seed pods to the ground too.