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This is a heads up to the other PUMAs and former PUMAs. If the next candidate buddies up with Kos and the rest of the party without demanding and getting changes in top leadership, it doesn’t matter who the person is or what gender he or she is. Nothing will change in the economy, the bankers will go unpunished and the country will continue to slip into third world status complete with not just one but two manipulative and corrupt parties. No female candidate is worth that, not even Hillary.

I don’t think even Hillary wants the presidency so much that she’s willing to let her ambition and ego trump every other good thing she could possibly do. But if she does want it, she’s going to have to publicly take those assholes on and get rid of them first. The Democratic party needs to be distinct from the Republicans and get in touch with its roots and it won’t be able to do that as long as Wall Street has its tentacles firmly wrapped around the party’s testicles. That goes for any other candidate as well regardless of gender.

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. Lie down with squid...

Well, let's not go there.

Adding... The best way to deal Kos is not to fund him. Just fund somebody else!

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I always like to go back to2008 and remember. To me the point when the party viciously turned against Hillaryary was after what they called the cying speech. It si not the crying what set them off. It was what she said: politics is not a game...YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT IS COMMING and that when she chocked