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Not watching the Oscars!

There, I said it!

I'm not even opening a thread!

UPDATE Well, maybe this tweet:

“@: They literally cut off the VFX winner while he was trying to talk about the issues facing the VFX community. Classy#Oscars
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But then I'm in the biz. Most of my favorites won. Ang Lee, Quentin, Jennifer. But it got surreal when Michelle Obama announced best picture with military ? army band? people behind her? Can you imagine Barbara Bush having been invited to do this? Who thought this was a good idea?

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Agreed! To add to the disconnect, she talked about the importance of the arts and surrounded herself with a bunch of people in full dress military uniforms. She couldn't find a few upcoming artists?

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Nothing is off limits for the Obamas. They are obsessed with the spotlight and they see their jobs as pseudo celebrities rather than public servants. You can tell that both Barack and Michelle love the spotlight more than discussing law and policy that could change the lives of Americans. It's even more inappropriate to do these sorts of things when millions are still unemployed and losing their homes. I see the Obamas wanting to be more like the British Royals (nothing more than celebs who show up for photo ops at their chosen charities) than real change agents for the country.

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And you were the winner. The red carpet pre-show was better than the main event, the host was a pig, and the best singers were popular 30 years ago. The most entertaining films of the year weren't in the running and the one telling the most whopping lies won best picture. I won't make the mistake of tuning in again. The best review of this mess I've seen:

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Seth did what he does, and that's what the producers of this annual hate/love fest hired him for. His routine was likely pre-approved, so any post-Oscar whining is misdirected.

The Michelle Obama portion of the show was bizarre. Especially with all the military in the background. Does everything we do now have to include people in uniform?

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Except that there were times when McFarlane claimed that he was told to cut the joke and told it anyway, and it inevitably flopped. Plus that whole "We Saw Your Boobs" part included moments that portrayed sexual assault, but the song sold it as titillating.

The Obama bit was weird, but I guess it was to up the tension. The other movie that was nominated that could have received the same treatment was Zero Dark Thirty.

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Including man tits?

I'm very far from being a prude, but at the Oscars? Isn't this cheapening the discourse just a little?