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Will Bernie Sandernistas dance largest conga line ever? (up and down Manhattan?)

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I joined the reddit group "Coders for Sanders" this past week, and after posting my suggestion for a US vs. Social Democracy cost/Quality of Life calculator, I sent a message blast to the moderators:

Howdy. I'm anti-TPP activist, and have been hugely disappointed at what a poor job the anti-TPP activist community did educating the public about TPP. (See my facebook page "TPP Ignorance") One idea I had for free, massive publicity (for TPP) was to have a (segmented) conga line up and down the length of Manhattan. I've been busy coding "Voter's Revenge", and so haven't had time to do coding for anything else, or even to promote the idea of a conga line.
Enter Coders for Sanders, and also the huge youth following that Sanders had achieved. While an app isn't strictly necessary - a single web page with a map, showing starting times and locations for the conga lines, will do - it's a nice to have. I'm not available to work on such a web page/app, myself, at the present time.
More to the point, I suppose, this is more an organizational matter, that non-tecchie bernistas, if they agree the idea has merit, need to promote, whether or not an app is created.

What is the best way to do that? I.e., promote the basic idea of Bernie conga lines, to people who can then organize it? For this particular idea, I don't think creating an app, first, is necessary, or even desirable. (The NY State primary is 18 short days, away. If the app takes 2 weeks to code, most of the opportunity to create massive Bernie conga lines in Manhattan, before the primary, will already have passed.)

Manhattan has a super high population density, hence even a small percentage of the population could pull off the largest (segmented) conga line, in history.

My thought is to have conga lines start every 5 or 10 blocks, up and down Broadway. They would do their thing on the sidewalk, not block traffic when the lights change, and break easily to let pedestrians pass through them. Of course, they should hand out Bernie and anti-TPP flyers, as they pass through. My thought about timing is: every Friday, at 5 pm, at least until the last primary.

If you go to youtube, and search for "longest conga line" and "massive conga line", and look at some of the videos, you'll quickly agree that a conga line that spans the length of Manhattan will set a record. (I ignore the "segmented" factor...)

I've seen/heard estimates as high as $1 billion, of free advertising that TV stations have essentially given Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders, not so much. (In fact, I've seen reports suggesting that he's been "cheated" of TV attention, in favor of both Trump and Clinton.)

Sanders has a huge following amongst millenials (and their youth makes for more dance endurance), and NYC's super high population density makes, IMNSHO, my suggestion worth at least trying. Even a segmented conga line, the length of Manhattan, has to generate lots of free publicity for the underlying cause.

Alas, I heard nothing back from any of the moderators....

Hence, I have just posted the idea as a regular suggestion, to all of the CodersForSanders community.

If you know any Bernie people in NYC, please alert them to this idea.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Well just look at the cute fixation on primary politics, like it will actually make a difference championing one major party candidate over another! Why I remember way back in 2008, when I also thought that mattered. How naive I was.

It's refreshing to see the youth still has a lot to learn.

Nowhere to go but up!

Conga lines will definitely improve the world.

Here's another:

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Submitted by metamars on

Ah, speaking as somebody who never voted for a D or R for President ( the one exception was Obama in 2008), and has written diaries such as "The Jesus Christ of Political Game Theory on the Stupidity of Lesser Evilist Voting"

all I can say is: Either you're not paying attention, or else your mind works very differently from mine.

I expect to vote for Trump in the general election, if he's running. But, if he's not, and Sanders is (an extremely likely scenario if Clinton gets indicted), then I will gladly vote for Sanders.

A Sanders vs. Trump general election would be a God-send, which I don't think this country deserves, but maybe the angels have been praying hard, on our behalf.

This doesn't mean that either a President Sanders or President Trump wouldn't face major opposition from bought and paid for Congress critters (and we can reasonably expect both to be disappointing compared to what would occur with a compliant Congress), but even here there is yet another blessing, which we don't seem to deserve. Sanders rhetoric about needing a "revolution" is indeed being taken seriously by some of his followers. E.g., see Rosario Dawson's recent interview on democracynow

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Submitted by okanogen on

Then that tells me all I need to know about the quality
of your political views.

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Submitted by metamars on

I'm not impressed with the "quality" of your political views, either. Come to think of it, the quantity is nothing to brag about, either, judging just by your participation in this diary.

Both Trump and Sanders are anti-TPP. TPP spells the end of national sovereignty. Hardly a minor matter.

Trump is superior to Sanders on the pre-eminent questions of relations with nuclear power Russia, and probably superior in not being swayed by failed imperialistic notions to spread "freedom and democracy" in the massively catastrophic nature we've observed under the last 2 Presidents.

Sanders would doubtless be superior to Trump on many domestic issues - healthcare leaps to mind. Based on a recent debate, Trump doesn't even have ideas on how to improve healthcare and reduce costs, except for the single idea of allow more competition across state lines.

Your fatalism is not only part of the problem, it's irresponsible to the point of facilitating the destruction of what remains of our democracy. I often criticize the hapless anti-TPP activists for engaging in useless activism, but even they are superior to you in at least having their hearts in the right place. (Well, those who aren't secretly working for the other side....)

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Submitted by okanogen on

So what you are saying is that you are a Republican? Because Trump is going to be the Republican candidate.