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Moderation Reminder

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Please don't shit on the blog. Lambert is on a bit of a hiatus (writer recharge) and while the cat has been away, my, my how the mice do play! Just as a reminder, this is not a Republican* (important asterix!!!!) blog. If you are advocating for Donald Trump over anybody, really, you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

So here are some highlights from the blog moderation page:

To lose your account once you have one, follow these directions:

3. Continue to contaminate the discourse by using manufactured legacy party talking points, especially right wing talking points, after repeated warnings.

4. Continue to contaminate the discourse by failing to back up claims with evidence or links -- or refusing to back down on the claim -- after repeated requests.

5. Continue to contaminate the discourse by using "any stick to beat a dog"-style argumentation (see below), after repeated warnings.

More on "any stick to beat a dog."

This idea may be subtle, but it's important. It's easy to fall into the trap -- and as a former debater, I've done so many, many times -- of believing that "my argument is me," and seeking to win an argument at all costs, say by sinking to the ad hominem after losing on the merits, or shifting ground to a new argument after losing the old one, and not admitting the loss or the shift. There's a whole literature devoted to forms of sophistry. I get enough of that from the access bloggers, and I don't need any more of it here.

None of this is personal, or about civility. (In fact, I don't even know how to moderate for civility; the most deadly insults can be delivered in a thoroughly civil manner). All of this is about honing and sharpening the discourse. Do note the use of the word "repeated." There are some blogs that ban accounts instantly.

There is plenty more at the moderation page. And, btw, Lambert isn't the only one who can do something about egregious offenders.

* Ha Ha! But it isn't a Democrat blog either!!!!

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Submitted by metamars on

My comments from the last 5 hours, or so, went into moderation, and still aren't appearing. Did you destroy them?

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Submitted by okanogen on

No, not destroyed. Your comments have been put in moderation.

I don't know by whom, and wouldn't say who if I did. I can see why though, because looking at them I can tell you obviously haven't taken the time to read the moderation policy you agreed to (reposted here) in asking for an account to use as your forum.

I will take a look at them and maybe, or maybe not, approve them. Others may also, or may not, approve them, there are several folks with that ability. I don't care if you disagree with me, just follow the policy. You have had your warning and know what you are doing.

I approved this particular comment in order to reply to it.

Your views, especially on TPP are really valued, your repetition of right-wing tropes, not so much.