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Single Payer off the DNC platform table

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email from HealthcareNOW:

The DNC strikes again!

The Democratic National Committee announced that in an effort to make "this year’s platform process the most representative and inclusive in history", they would be holding public hearings, accepting written, video, and in-person testimony to the platform drafters.

But as it turns out, these hearings aren't so "public". The DNC is hand-picking testimony beforehand, and at the D.C. hearing yesterday, single payer was iced out.

Sign the petition to the Democratic Party: Put "Medicare for All" on the party platform

A group of single payer organizations decided to get together and fight back! National Nurses United, Progressive Dems of America, Healthcare-NOW and Campaign for a Healthy California are circulating this petition to their members - together, representing hundreds of thousands of patients and providers.

You can help us put single payer back on the agenda:

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Yours in solidarity,
Ben and Stephanie
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff

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Submitted by okanogen on

I'm not at all being a concern troll. Seriously, this is where he is supposed to be using his voters and his political capital. Why is there seemingly no action there? Isn't this the "influencing the platform" effect that was his supposed whole reason pushing all the way to the convention?

If he isn't demanding action, his supporters need to. They need to pivot away from "Bernie the Savior" and getting to work on changing the policies.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

good question. he has some people on the platform committee, why couldn't they insist single payer advocates be heard. dunno

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Submitted by okanogen on

Or, congratulations to the Berniebros who substituted savior worship over wonky platform negotiation.

So which is it? The legacy party platforms are a waste of time and all left-thinkers should abandon the Dems for Jill Stein, or the Dem-party platform is vital to America andneeds to be taken back from corrupt corporate influence?

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Submitted by zot23 on

To be fair to Sanders, he is still fighting for the nomination he is increasingly unlikely to receive. The guy's plate is full to overflowing and has been for the past year campaigning from 5% dem support to ~45% with almost no corporate funding. He should be on this (and maybe he will), but I'm giving the guy a bit of slack.

If HRC gave a damn about Sander's supporters though, she could come out with full-throated support of Medicare for all and in one shot sweep up a lot of displeased left-leaning voters. I'm not holding my breath...