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What is going on?

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We have known for more than a decade that our voting machines are insecure at best and fixed at worst. Now all of a sudden there is all this talk about the voting machines from Versialles. Is this just more teeing up for a war with Russia? Or is something else going on?

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Considering that not only is Hillary a favorite of the neocons, but Trump is considered adversarial their agenda, I would expect using tensions with Russia is - at present - more desirable to the war mongers and imperialists as a way to get Hillary in the White House.

Trump could help forestall any such hostilities by painting Hillary as the candidate you want if you want a "war" (more likely a tactical nuclear exchange or two) with Russia. Furthermore, he could achieve more success in his campaign, if he judo-flipped her ridiculous "Russia did it" framing.

As Trump has little political intelligence (I've rated him a "D" as a candidate), I'm doubtful that he will figure either of these things out, even the more conventionally political 2nd point I made.

I'm sure, though, we'll continue to hear (ad nauseum, ad infinitum) how "horrible" Clinton is.

Trump could learn a lot by listening to video of Bernie Sanders answer questions in videos and debates. He wasn't overly intellectual, but you'd typically learn something by listening. (Sometime nonsense "points", like when he spoke about climate change, but that's not the point. The point is that Sanders could recite simple facts - or pretend facts - in support of his position, so that you, too, could come to a similar conclusion.)

I doubt that Trump is smart enough to learn anything from Sanders, on his own, but conceivably his children could push him in the right direction. They strike me as not only more intelligent than Daddy, but also failing to inherit his megalomaniac tendencies. That, of course, is a good thing....