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Just another way of saying we need to aim all our weapons, train all our energies, and point all our efforts towards the real goal: November, and beating McCain/Huckabee, Huckabee/Romney, or whoever the GOP puts up.

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

Huckabee won in Louisiana and Nebraska, and with 87% of the caucuses reporting in Washington, McCain is ahead of Huckabee... with 26%. This, despite the fact that the media has annointed McCain as the GOP's 'consensus' candidate, Huckabee's campaign is cash strapped, and McCain has much better name recognition.

Nevertheless, there will be no talk about the McCain campaign being in trouble, or strong divisions within the GOP, etc., etc....

Submitted by [Please enter a... (not verified) on

Not to spam your post, but I'm having trouble with the Corrente page since comes up and locks up the computer, the links don't work, scroll down doesn't work, once the page is loaded IE freezes up and to leave the page I have to shut down IE and sometimes it causes a shut-down error in IE...have there been any changes to the page that could cause this problem? (Not that I'll be able to see an answer if it's posted in comments, but just wanted to let someone know.) Since I'm such a computer moron it could just be my machine, but until yesterday I've never had this problem with the site.

Submitted by lambert on

It's working on my laptop, at least for now...

Can you pinpoint the time? Maybe by something that appeared on the front page? There was one post were the width was thrown off, and damned if I could figure out which....

I guess you're on FF now?

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Submitted by vastleft on

Now even your computer won't listen to criticism of Obama!? Or did Microsoft send that as an update to everyone?

In the current climate, I'm finding that I have to say that's a joke, people.

How many times has the problem happened? Is there a specific click that maybe seems to trigger the problem?

Submitted by [Please enter a... (not verified) on

Sorry I can't pinpoint more closely than to say yesterday morning onwards...I was just now able to get it to load without crashing IE long enough to get into the comments thread; when I click back to the homepage though, it will either lock up or crash IE. It's strange...about 1 time out of 5 I will be able to get the page to load and function long enough to read and post a comment...then when I go back to the home page and for my next several attempts every time it will either lock up or crash. Oddest thing is even when it doesn't crash it and I try to click over to another site, it will indicate the site has loaded but will never actually load it...I'll still be seeing the corrente homepage. If I minimize the corrente page, I'll just get my windows startup screen when I open back up...weird. And no, I'm not on Firefox right now, still on IE, it's just hit or miss as to when it works and when it doesn't. Not to worry about the Obama critiques though...I have my "dissenting opinions" filters fully engaged...

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Submitted by bringiton on

I have intermittent problems with the Corrente page, they appear when it updates with a new comment. What happens is either the page freezes or I get the IE screen telling me the site requires me to update. The problem seems to be between my security programs, TrendMicro & Spysweeper, IE and the site in ways I don't understand and grew weary of trying to sort out.

When it happens I can make it go away for a good long while by clearing cache and cookies and rebooting. Takes a couple of weeks for whatever is piling up to start causing problems again, another dusting out of the cobwebs and all is well for a while.

What with the Obamafrenzy here, there have been a lot more comments than usual and as a result I've had to clean up more frequently than usual. Reset everything last Wednesday and am still running fast and true today.

Net net, except for that glich Corrente runs cleaner and faster than many other sites - Huffpost, my god, like a garbage dump - for which I am very grateful.

There are a couple of other sites that give me similar problems and both of them run Drupal, which may or may not be significant. I blame Bill Gates and his gremlin minions.

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

This site has been giving IE fits from the beginning, and IIRC I was one of the first registered users over here. I suspect that Drupal and IE simply don't get along. Clearing everything does seem to work for awhile, but what works best for me is to wait until I get home where I have Firefox.

...for the rest of us

Submitted by lambert on

IE is stricter with its HTML than Firefox. When D6 comes out, I'll revise the themes that generate the HTML, then. Sometime this month, it is to be hoped. They are in release candidate mode.

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Submitted by [Please enter a... (not verified) on

(runs shrieking into the night at the thought that there might be yet more candidates who are being held captive somewhere to be released on an already-jaded populace just in case things aren't overloaded enough already)

er (shudders, wipes brow, takes calming measures) is that what they used to call "beta testing"?

Submitted by lambert on

I am tired, to miss the chance of a release candidate diary. Sigh. Beta testing, good enough to run if there's no money involved, not suitable for production (though there's probably an explanation with better wording). The idea is that if nothing critical explodes, this is the one that's going out the door.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

Submitted by [Please enter a... (not verified) on

Oh lord I lusted to be a part of that, read Whole Earth Review/CoEvolution Quarterly faithfully for...just about it's entire run. Even sent 'em some money the one time that i had some. But the Well was not only long distance on my hotshot 2400 baud modem but membership fee to boot and I did not have money at that time.

Guess some things just have their natural lifespan and die. Kevin Kelly went on to Wired; Stewart Brand to write books and whatever else he does, the others, I dunno. Always wondered whatever happened to their tool guy J. Baldwin. He's the one who turned me on to the glories of Victorinox swiss army knives when I was cheaping along with Wengers. :)

and what's the story of the '90 census? Don't remember hearing about any particular disasters with that one but maybe i wasn't paying attention.

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Submitted by Sarah on

EDP -- quality control was built into the payroll software.

By people who lived in DC and had no clue that in parts of Texas, you can drive 400 miles in a day and only visit 2 or 3 houses -- because you may only see 3 or 4, and you won't always catch everybody at home.

Canvassers and reinterviewers were always getting dinged for "excessive mileage" -- around Abilene, San Angelo, Amarillo, Odessa, and El Paso especially in the rural counties.

Of course we had the regular kind of snafus with any temp-force payroll program, too: the crew leaders would send us payroll forms for people they hadn't sent us initial hire forms yet (sometimes people who'd been working for *weeks* in the field -- this caused a lot of aggravation at every step of the process, as you may imagine).

And all this done via mag-tape drives (the kind that, when they brought us tapes via courier, the airport security x-ray erased the software) and weekly "patch" tape upgrades (which we frequently got frantic calls warning us not to install yet).

Living in the middle of a national committee-written beta-test makes for interesting work days, yeah ...